Lesnar to be WWE World Heavyweight Champ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Long story short, there were some talks about Lesnar having a run again, but that was like six months ago.

    Imo, him as the champ would work great. A good long run (not like Rock), to get him back on the wagon a little.

    I know he hates the travelling, but I'm sure he would do it if it would involve the strap at some point.
  2. If he's coming back full time then sure I have no problem with it. However I think he's going to remain a part-time wrestler so it'll end up just like the Rock's reign. He wouldn't be at every Raw, wouldn't be at house shows, etc.
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  3. If he wins it, I want to see him in every RAW like a champion should be
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  4. idk I'd be cool if Orton took some Raws off...
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  5. Would like to see him as champion and have at least one stupid decent champ...
  6. Orton yes, I fell asleep everytime I watch him, but Lesnar is more entertaining
  7. For the topic he needs to at least be in a WWE Title feud. Perhaps at Mania. Book the Rumble so that Cena beats Orton for the strap and then Lesnar makes a surprise return and closes the show winning the Rumble. Brock vs Cena makes for an awesome build, match and probably draw.

    Just brainstorming, trying to think of anything that's not an orton mania ME :eww:
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  8. I'm in the minority who likes seeing the champ only every few weeks to make it seem a bit more special so that doesn't cause an issue with me, Brock saying he's running his schedule works for me. Fits his character too.
  9. I'd love to see Lesnar as WWE Champion. I think it would work best if his loss of the title was his final match with the company though (assuming he didn't sign another extension past WM31.) Him winning and then losing the WWE Title would be the perfect way to bow out of the company for good.
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