Lesnar to return tonight?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Since Paul Heyman will be undergoing a performance review tonight by Vince, this is the perfect time for Paul to be 'fired' - and then for Brock to come back, thus ending Punk's association with Heyman and bringing Lesnar into the HHH picture.
  2. Would enjoy that. Sounds about the right time to start using Brock's dates.
  3. God I completely forgot about the abomination of HHH/Brock part 2.
  4. :ohgod:

    Forgot about that too... you just want to skip 'Mania this year?
  5. Well this can happen. This should be good. Hate that Wrestlemania will be too predictable this year.
  6. im still optimisic we wont get lesnar/hhh match im hoping we get punk/cena/rock and taker/lesnar theres always hope
  7. I hope he does return tonight. I've been waiting for this guy to return ever since he's been gone.
  8. How could you? It's the thing I'm most looking forward to in the road to Summerslam part 2.
  9. I'll stick around for Dolph/Jericho and whatever Punk & Shield are doing.

  10. #WWELogic

    We won't see him untill one week before/after EC.
  11. If my man Brock returns tonight im gonna be marking out
  12. It'd be cool if Brock inserts himself into the EC match :yay:
  13. Brock would get whooped by eugene.
  14. What if Brock stands there and just looks at Heyman or Punk and doesn't do anything! What a pussy he will be!
  15. *cough* *cough*
  16. :pity:

    Nice call btw Jonathan.
  17. My man is back yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  18. I'm glad he returned last night via delivering an F5 to the chairman. Also, Coles commentary did improve for selling a return.
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