Lesnar violates anti doping policy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jul 15, 2016.

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  1. Way too early to call it. But I think it's pretty legit, more times than not these tests are true.

    If so, than that sucks. He ruined his reputation for being a legit fighter, but I don't think it will affect him since doping won't do shit to him in WWE.
  2. If it's legitimate then I have to question Lesnar's logic. I understand he wanted to fight again but I don't understand why he would take supplements/drugs that he knew potentially could get him in any amount of trouble. Lesnar is a pro athlete he if anyone should know the proper,legal avenues of training his body to get the absolute best results. Not to mention how much this would discredit both the WWE (especially with Reigns being out for an almost similar issue) and UFC let alone Lesnar himself.
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  3. I call shenanigans. :madcat:
  4. Agreed. Plus it seems over the years that Lesnar has really prided himself on being a natural athlete without the use of PED.
  5. :brock3:
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  6. Could have been something as simple as an over the counter med with a banned substance in it that he didn't bother looking into.
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  7. Wonder if he showed Roman the ropes.
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  8. The interesting thing will be what WWE does if it ends up being true.
    Their new top guy just got put on the shelf for 30 days for violating the wellness policy. Orton's been put on the shelf more times than they can count. Billy Gunn got fired for using performance enhancers before getting caught by USADA.

    Will Brock be held to the same level?
  9. inb4 Brock is being punished by the higher ups for wanting world peace
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  10. I was wondering when this was going to show up. :brock5:
  11. Reigns has no chance haha.
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  12. That's not usually how that works. If you walk into any supplement store that's well known, they won't sell shit that has banned stuff. If you want things that are banned, you have to search for it as your general store won't have it.

    He most likely took some illegal test booster or roids in some fashion.

    Plus I highly doubt that when they drug screen for these kind of fights, they're also looking for stuff that you'll find in some over the counter pre workouts or something.
  13. And if Brock really did take multiple tests and passed, but the last one he took, right before the fight, made him fail. Well, either the test was a false positive, or Brock took stuff to boost his performance right before the fight and didn't realize he would be tested again.
  14. I figured this was going to happen and I wondered why the WWE would put Brock in this situation.

    Guys in the UFC, are getting caught all the time and most of agree that the testing is not done in the best way.

    Hopefully this is all a big mistake. But I doubt it.
  15. Maybe this is all a work to get Reigns vs Lesnar in a "dope on pole" match.
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