Lesnar vs Ryback

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  1. Do you see this actually happening at Wrestlemania 29? I think it'd be pretty great if Ryback went over Brock, and they seem to have a ton of faith in Ryback (in the ME already) so it's not exactly unrealistic. Brock vs Punk wouldn't be good, Brock vs Rock is just completely pointless and isn't happening, Brock vs Taker is the only other option but I don't see a need for that match if you're going to have Rock vs Cena Part 2 (maybe with Punk) that's drawing.
  2. Don't be fooled, Ryback isn't in the ME just yet. It's just a teaser, encase Cena can't wrestle.
  3. I'm not fooled. They brought a guy they're incredibly fond of into the ME as a replacement for Cena, that's still being in the ME. He's there or there abouts and anyone with common sense knows it's not too long before he's a permanent main eventer.
  4. This makes perfect sense, which is why it won't happen lol. Taker/Brock w/ Taker going over to fluff his and WWE's ego once again.
  5. If Brock vs Ryback happened, Brock would have to go over. And I don't think Brock will win at WM if he's leaving so this match probably won't happen.
  6. Why?
  7. I feel the same way. Ryback isn't really ready for a win of that magnitude, and I think Brock will be back for at least another year so you can't just start jobbing him out to up and comers just yet.
  8. Unless there's a part 2 I really wouldn't want Brock going over the future. Brock's here what, 6-10 times a year? He lost to Cena, if he goes over Ryback who does it help? Though I'm a huge Brock mark and if he went over Ryback I wouldn't rage about it at all.

    I agree that Ryback probably isn't ready and if I had it my way I'd have the match at WM 30 to really launch Ryback, but if it's now or never I'd go with now and just put faith in Ryback. WWE used to have the young go over the old and pass the torch and it was done well, we haven't really seen that in years. Rock and Brock coming back is surely the best time to capitalise on that and build your next Cena and Goldberg etc.
  9. When you are a new guy you don't have to go over legends to get a rub from a match with them. Just having a 15 minute match with Lesnar would be huge for Ryback's progression up the ladder.
  10. Good point, though at Wrestlemania the result is definitely more spoken about than the effort. Getting him over to the casuals as the big tough unbeatable guy that they're trying to do will conflict with jobbing to Lesnar at Wrestlemania, in my opinion.

    Having Cena go over Lesnar ruined it for me. If Cena lost, and HHH lost, then Ryback losing but putting in the same competition as those two would put him over well. But Cena won so casuals can easily say "So he's not as good as Cena then", I don't think that's the image WWE is going for personally.
  11. Possibly the biggest Wrestlemania rub ever was given from Hart to SCSA when Austin lost.

    I think casuals bought into the whole 'omg Brock nearly killed Cena but then got cocky' routine that they tried to portray. Plus if they are as high on Ryback as we all know they are--- Ryback vs Cena in the future is a near certainty.. so we won't have to 'compare notes' so to speak on Cena/Ryback- we will just see them square off.
  12. I agree that Hart possibly gave Austin the biggest rub ever at Mania.

    But granted then also the story was so well built between the two and semi culminated at Mania. I think story played into it a fair bit. If they could do a well done story that ends with Ryback losing then they could still put him over/give him the rub
  13. He's new and he's only been facing jobbers. They paid Brock $5 mil and only to be put in a match with Ryback at Wrestlemania? Seems like a waste of money there. I don't think it'll get more buys either.
  14. Fair point, but Austin/Hart was billed differently than Lesnar/Ryback would be. I'm sure Lesnar/Ryback would be billed as the two unstoppable forces coming together, and "heart" isn't really the market they're looking to put Ryback into, it has to be dominance/destruction. It's fun to debate though because I really wouldn't be mad about it if Lesnar won because a strong heel is something WWE lacks, and a heel as good as Lesnar equals epic TV.

    Brock losing doesn't lose them money, how can it effect buys if it's the result of the PPV they've bought? Brock just being there sells the PPV, they will market it as can the powerful Ryback stop the unstoppable Lesnar or something like that, that's guaranteed money.
  15. I really don't see it happening though. We've all speculated on Taker/Lesnar since the jump, and I still think that's the direction WWE will go, for better or worse.
  16. Just remembered HHH, everything points to him vs Brock part 2. FML.
  17. Lesnar does bring buys but Lesnar and Taker will do even more. When WWE first signed Brock's deal, I'm sure that they had already chosen who to fight at WM and Ryback was probably out of the question. I know WWE creative changes their mind in the last second like they do on RAW but I don't think they will for this because this is a big deal.
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    who would Taker face if not Brock doe?
  19. Punk was apparently rumored as Takers opponent if he isn't still in the title picture by then. Note only rumored.
  20. Yeah Taker v Brock would draw more but with Rock/Cena I'm not sure if it's their concern, I'd hope not but then again WWE = money.

    If not Brock then Taker's match is a mystery. It was rumoured to be Sheamus though.
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