Lesnar Will Definitely Be On Both Shows

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, May 25, 2016.

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  1. Now, the news broke today that the brand split is coming back starting in July. And there's one thing that seems quite obvious. Lesnar probably will not be assigned to a brand and it's not logical to assign him to one. He comes and goes as he pleases and feuds with whoever the company deems best. He'll appear on whatever show his next opponent is on and that'll be that.
  2. You really think any of the top talent is going to be restricted to one brand?
  3. I think Cena and Orton will be on SmackDown, and Rollins will be on Raw
  4. Top talent are still probably going to be allowed to walk between shows as needed depending on storylines. Even tho they want to do independent storylines you have to figure that they will crossover as needed. As long as they don't announce anything regarding the championships that has to also be assumed for the champions.

    Not to crampen you style. But Brock is not going to be some absolute special case. He won't be the only one not restricted to one show
  5. They literally said the rosters will be unique to the brand. So it's safe to say that the stars of each brand will be on their respective brands. Lesnar won't be on Smackdown IMO, whenever he comes around he's a main attraction. Unless Bray ends up on Smackdown and they have a feud going into Summerslam...

    I could see this being nothing and the brand split is still a Supershow or whatever the fuck it has been for the past few years. I don't see why they'd announce anything if that was the case.
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  6. They did say the rosters would be unique yes. But you have to assume that if need be, RAW guys will show up on Smackdown. With the teased tension between Steph and Shane it seems to me like there will be some brand warfare at least into Survivor Series. Example: Smackdown star shows up, wins RAW specific championship and takes it to Smackdown. Hilarity ensues.

    No doubt Brock will go as he pleases, I just don't think he will be only one to get this treatment. For example they don't have near enough a deep enough talent pool among the women to split them in two.
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  7. Bork not being restricted to only one show is kind of a no-brainer. The dude's one of their top draws, so he's likely to appear on both shows.
  8. No fucking way.
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  9. Brock will be on both as well as other top talents.
  10. I highly doubt that top wrestlers will be jumping as they please. Brock Lesnar might be the only one that could be able to do that, but I think all other top talent will be spread across the shows to keep it a level playing field. If top wrestlers are able to jump around, this brand split is already stupid.
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  11. Yeah reading some of these posts bums me out. I am reeeeeally hoping that the stay true to a brand split and no stars cross over freely. Now if they have the big 4 ppv as raw/SD shows that's fine, with the odd (and I mean odd...not every time. Not even once a year) contract match where if wrestler A loses to wrestler B then they have to sign a contract to go to the other show. Or something along those lines. I'm just using that as an example. I believe I saw cena in a match like that back in the day. Can't remember which event it was but I know I've just recently watched it.
  12. I am pretty sure that they will do it much like they did before. All guys will be assigned to a certain roster, but they didn't move freely between rosters. There were interbrand matches, but they weren't extremely common.

    What will probably happen is that guys like Cena will be assigned to one of the two rosters, but he probably will have interactions with people on the other rosters and face them on PPVs as a member of his roster. It will be distinctly promoted as a Raw vs Smackdown match. They'll probably occasionally show up on the other show to promote the story line but I sincerely doubt it will just be them going back and forth as they please.

    I don't know about Lesnar. I would assume he is assigned to one of the two, especially because he has such a limited amount of appearances. But who knows... if they do make an exception with anyone, he would likely by the guy.

    Just my thoughts. It will be interesting to see what they actually do though.
  13. I feel that way, too. I mean, there's almost very little point to assigning him to one show or the other seeing as how he only works a few dates a year anyway, and since Brock already has a special deal in place (both in real life and on the show) where he gets to come and go as he pleases instead of being permitted to work as many dates as the rest of the herd, it's logical that they'll make a small exception with him in regards to the draft as well.

    In regards to other top stars crossing over from time to time, yes and no. Of course there will be inter-promotional matches from time to time, but I would expect stars to stay restricted to whichever brand they're drafted on at least 99.9% of the time. Otherwise, it just makes the whole idea appear meretricious.
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