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Hey guys. First thread. Be gentle.

Dave Meltzer came out before Wrestlemania and said that at New Orleans the main event will be Brock Lesnar as champion vs Roman Reigns. This paints quite a clear picture of what's going to happen over this year. We already know that Lesnar has promised to make himself available for more dates (and will be compensating accordingly).

What this means is that we're likely to see Roman at the very edge of the #1 contendership for the better part of the year. Marquee matches against Brock are available and you can be sure that the world will be watching these. They're only going to line Lesnar up against big draw opponents or future big draw opponents.

I know who I think he'll go up against over the course of the year but that's not why I'm here.

Who do you think makes that list and why?


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Well obviously Strowman after what he did to Roman Reigns at Payback. Also because it's been pretty much rumored for a while now that Strowman will be Lesnar's first title defense. He is also probably the person who is currently on the Raw roster and not named Roman Reigns who seems the most viable opponent for Brock. Honestly almost every single other guy just seems like fodder for Lesnar.

Strangely enough, the only other Raw guys I can see as possibly viable opponents are guys who aren't going to go up against Lesnar. I've long thought a Sheamus vs Lesnar match could be interesting. But that's not going to happen for any reason I can think of. Samoa Joe would be the other one. But I don't see a story for that either.

All I can guess is that they will probably go the direction the rumors have them going. It will probably end up being Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. But I don't see either of them being able to do anything against Lesnar.

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Strowman is a given as mentioned.

Aside from him... I really don't know. It seems like he is going to have to go on a bi-monthly rampage some how to last the full year. I know the end game will be having the only two to ever beat Undertaker at mania - declaring the "top dog" of the company. I like this idea a lot and I really don't mind Brock vs Roman since this is what the story is going to be on. I am just really confused how they will keep the belt on Brock for THAT long. Unless they have him face Roman a few times and beat him. Maybe have him beat Roman at Summerslam for one. Too early for me to know what the heck they are planning though.


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Honestly, the more I think about it, I'd probably just have Strowman beat Lesnar if I had my druthers. I've been bored of the Lesnar thing for a while now, really. Braun Strowman has been a LOT more interesting than Lesnar. I'd put Strowman over Lesnar, then let Strowman's monster push continue all the way until WrestleMania when Roman Reigns then finally gets a shot against him. This way, we get to see 1. A Universal champion defending his belt at least once a month 2. The continuation of a very interesting push for Strowman and 3. The culmination of a long feud between Strowman and Reigns at WrestleMania.
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Strowman- He's been booked like an absolute monster. Only makes sense that he'll fight Lesnar as soon as 'great balls of fire' ( I hate typing that shit).

Finn Balor- Never lost the title in the first place. Could be a cool like...demon David Vs. Goliath angle.

Seth Rollins- It would be decent filler going into SummerSlam or 'Mania.

Samoa Joe- Probably the least likely with how poorly his booking on the main roster has been. However, if they started booking him the way he was in NXT then I'd say he'd be a great challenger.

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Braun Strowman will definitely happen and I for one can't wait for that encounter. Outside of that it's a bit hard to say, with Brock holding the Championship for a year, or at least being a Champion going into Mania. I'd have little issue with Braun beating Brock and Brock winning it back later. It's 50/50 booking, though I'd imagine a third encounter would end the feud in this scenario giving Brock the win but there really aren't a lot of credible wrestlers at the moment to be legitimate threats to Lesnar and having a prolong feud with Strowman allows them to attempt to change that. Outside of the most obvious answer, I also echo most of the answers said in this thread before. Quite frankly I'll be surprised if we don't see Demon Finn vs. Lesnar at some point. Also, glad I'm not the only one who wants to see Lesnar/Sheamus, I've wanted that match before Lesnar even returned I think.

However there are two more ideas I'd like to say that I'm mentioning more because I think it'd be awesome rather than I think it'll actually happen (though I don't suspect either are impossible).

First idea, is a fatal four way with Lesnar defending against all members of The Shield. There's no real reason to limit Lesnar to solely single matches, and most people point to the Rumble 2015 triple threat as Lesnar's best match since returning (I haven't seen it yet) so I don't think there's any issue here. This would ideally happen either at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble, since it'd see Roman getting as close to the Championship before Mania. I'd imagine this would happen at Survivor Series, and Reigns will win the Rumble (ugh) and then the Mania match, tells a pretty simple but effective story. The reuniting of The Shield in a match against Lesnar also lends the match an easy story to tell. The nigh unbeatable team reunites to tackle the nigh unbeatable champion, eventually egos prevail and the three teaming up start clashing with each-other. Brock Lesnar eventually gets the pin on either Dean or Seth (probably Dean because WWE), Roman can stay protected and we get a pretty awesome match. Heyman can even use this match to increase the tension at Mania, highlighting that Lesnar essentially defeated The Shield, what hope does Roman have to beat him? Creating an underdog story that fans will probably reject but on paper it's sound. The WrestleMania 31 & 32 matches can also tie into the build of the Fatal Four Way easily and even the Mania rematch between Lesnar/Reigns. I have convinced myself this is the best route for WWE to go but maybe they'll surprise me.

Second is Kurt Angle. I'm about 83% sure that Kurt Angle will wrestle in WWE again, not as a full-time competitor but on a very limited basis a la Triple H. I also know that Kurt Angle has stated Lesnar is one of the guys he's most wanted to wrestle, and with the two storied history together, it makes Kurt Angle an instantly credible threat to Lesnar's reign (even though we know he wouldn't win). This would be a SummerSlam or Royal Rumble match, since it'd have to be a big match. Continuing on with my previously built idea, it would take place at the Rumble. The story can be something of Angle echoing the thoughts of us. That his show Raw is being hindered by a Champion that leaves for months at a time, and that at this point it seems nobody on the Raw roster is capable of doing it. Or maybe Brock is starting to get really destructive on Raw after destroying the competition. Maybe he signals a retirement with the Championship since nobody can stop him. Either way, for the betterment of his brand, Kurt Angle steps up to bat, claiming his impressive record against Lesnar. You could even use this match as a way to segue into an Angle/HHH match at Mania, though I don't really want to see that and if HHH does wrestle at Mania, it should probably be to complete the hat trick by jobbing to Dean Ambrose.

Fantasy booking's bit me on the ass before but I think both are plausible and would be awesome so here's to hoping again.

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It doesn't really matter who is on this list...because Lesnar will defeat all of them only
to eventually take one huge final paycheck and drop the belt to [HASHTAG]#IgnoreReigns[/HASHTAG] @

And this is why I've pretty much given up caring about the men's and tag divisions...
because at the end of the day...everyone will be fucked over and their careers killed
so Vince can get his way and have his guy in the top spot.

There are so many great performers in the WWE being mistreated and misused
because of [HASHTAG]#IgnoreReigns[/HASHTAG]...

I can honestly say I truly hate the guy and I hope he suffers a serious injury or violates
the wellness policy again.

One of the main reasons I love the women's division is because it will never be effected
by that smug, greasy haired, push destroying, 2 move pony that is [HASHTAG]#IgnoreReigns[/HASHTAG].

On Topic: Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar in a cage in the match I'd love to see...but...I can't
see that happening. Lesnar would actually have to put some effort in.

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Couple of points. Firstly: Angle will never fight Lesnar even if he is allowed for one simple reason - most of Brock's offence involves landing on your head. Sure, they'll go very MMA/AMA with it but at some point Lesnar will go for a german suplex just out of habit and that could legitimately kill Angle. Nobody is taking that risk.

Beyond that I think people need to step back a little from the end result and start looking at the journey itself. Let's say that Lesnar lines up against Strowman, Balor, Rollins, Wyatt and Samoa Joe before Wrestlemania. Those are huge, top drawer matches that the world will be watching. It really says "these are our top guys" in a way that will offer a huge boon to the careers of the men involved. Also, any one of them could legitimately get a win and then lose the title back in a rematch. Losing to Goldberg even in such an embarrassing way has not harmed Lesnar whatsoever.

It's also worth pointing out that the UV title is brand new, and right now it still means very little. However, with wrestlers as storied as those chasing after it, and being willing to go up against the beast incarnate just for a chance, well that title clearly means a hell of a lot. They're building a title that will run on that brand for years. It has to be a big deal.

Yes, Reigns will eventually win it but so what? He is the biggest star that the WWE have made since Cena, like him or not. Besides, he'll only go on to lose it to Joe anyway. Once it's back in gen-pop it'll be doing the rounds again.

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You know, it'd be great if Lesnar wrestled (and possibly defended the title) on RAW for once. For instance, Lesnar vs Cesaro would be great!

Now, Reigns and Strowman will likely square off again at Extreme Rules (most likely in a gimmick match) and whoever wins will most likely go on to face Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire (LOL) or whatever that PPV's gonna be called.

After Lesnar defends the title against Strowman, assuming he beats Reigns, Bálor and Rollins will most likely be the next in line to challenge Lesnar. Lesnar might face either Bálor or Rollins at SummerSlam or maybe even both of them in a triple-threat match.

And if Lesnar's really going to be working more dates this year and he should be, because he's the Universal champ now and he should legitimize that belt, then I could see guys like Joe and Wyatt also receiving title opportunities. But, we'll see.
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