Rumor Lesner returning to UFC?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jul 19, 2017.

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  1. Brock Lesnar Rumored to Be Returning to UFC For a Fight

    According to the @TalkMMA Twitter account, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were at UFC Headquarters to meet with UFC officials during International Fight Week earlier this month.

    The Twitter account added, which at this point should be taken strictly as a rumor, that Lesnar is expected to return to The Octagon “imminently”, likely at the November 4th event at Madison Square Garden. The report claims Lesnar will drop the WWE Universal Title at WWE SummerSlam next month, and that he is back in the testing pool with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

    As noted, Brock Lesnar, who is 5-3-1 in his MMA career, was suspended from fighting for one year following his positive anti-doping tests issued for his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Lesnar’s win over Hunt was subsequently overturned following his drug test failures, but Lesnar’s suspension is now over, and he is free to fight again. It was reported back in July 2016 that Lesnar was simultaneously under contract with UFC and WWE, and was eyeing another fight sometime in late 2016 or 2017, however this news came before Lesnar’s drug test failures were announced.

    It should be noted that according to UFC rules, a fighter must inform the promotion at least four months in advance if he plans to come out of retirement, so the fighter can be reinserted into the USADA drug testing pool.
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  2. OH LORD I hope this doesn't happen. Brock just stick with WWE, it's easy fucking money for you!!
  3. I disagree, I don't like Lesnar in the WWE at all due to his in-activeness. I hope this is true and I hope it is the last we see of Lesnar for a bit, I'm sick and tired of him coming back after months and then get a title shot.
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  4. you're entitled to your opinion, I really don't care if Brock gets to come and go as he please. At least it's only him doing this and not like 4, 5, 8 guys. Besides, the guy is great at what he does at WWE and it makes every time he appears SPECIAL. You can believe it, that I sure in the hell wouldn't want to see Brock just week after week after week after week, pummeling and running through superstars. He deserves to be able to move to the beat of his own drum.
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  5. Id be down to see Brock in UFC again. Although, his matches are always the most entertaining in WWE when he's on the card. People bitch about his move set...smh. The energy that Brock brings in the arena alone is so powerful. He's the only wrestler that keeps me on the edge of my seat when I watch him.
  6. That's what I'm saying, he's a true spectacle. HELL, BROCK LESNAR IS AN EVENT, plain and simple.
  7. I thought he unofficially retired from UFC... :hmm:
  8. I'm only behind Lesnar when he's not Champion. His buildup with Orton, Taker, and Goldberg were amazing, but when he's the Champion it just seems like wasted potential. Instead of having two badass rivalries being built (Lesnar and Title match), you have one, and while in theory it would become a super rivalry, in reality it's just extremely annoying

    Overall, I wouldn't mind him going to UFC AFTER he drops the title, preferably at SummerSlam to somebody like Strowman
  9. The point I'm trying to get at is seeing Lesnar hold that top title is just a waste of different story-lines. No one wants to see Lesnar hold a title and rarely defend it to then only lose it where he's not the one that has to get pinned. It's repetitive and boring, I get the idea that he is a beast and nearly indestructible but they should book him how they've been booking Braun since the beginning of his solo run.
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  10. Lesner being champion and losing the belt gives the new champion a huge amount of credibility though. That's the point of having him as Champion.
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  11. I agree with that, but with the looks of things for SummerSlam he won't be the one that gets pinned, which defies the purpose of credibility by defeating Brock
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if he fought Stipe for the title, Brocky two belts could be an interesting twist.
  13. Huh? Who?? U mean Styles????
  14. I've never watched UFC With Brock Lesner. He's an interesting guy in the wwe. I hated him when he broke the Undertaker's streak though. :hmm:
  15. If you think about it, I guess this is Brock's equivalent of leaving the company to slightly revitalise his appeal much like Drew Galloway and some others did too. Not only does it do that but it pushes WWE into panic mode in regards to either booking Brock better when he comes back or reinforcing the RAW main event scene, at least. I think it would be better overall that he did leave even for this one match to gain a bit of momentum rather than just doing the same match; when he decides to do them at least,

    However, I have always thought the idea of "coming out of retirement" as a bit ridiculous.
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  16. UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic
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    So okay let's say by yours and many other logic they just get rid of Brock (first idea) then we just watch as WWE still make a clusterfuck of making stories and then they'll be over using Cena AGAIN, pushing Roman Reigns waaaayyy too much and in the meantime, either overlooking talents or just let Braun Strowman go on a HULK SMASH spree. I hear what you were saying but let's not forget his minimal use also fills in that area where he don't have to do the same back and forth as well. Even if they started passing the title around to Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, The Miz or Finn Balor, I wouldn't want to watch it because that champ would simply not have any direction from there on (well maybe Balor) imo.

    Okay let's say Brock Lesnar has to perform weekly and have to do a long journey to win back the Universal title. Now how would that help? We'll see Brock come in thrash guys move on to the next. The promos would be outstanding and any ambushes from anywhere (whether he would do most of them or some ambushes were done to him). Like would we really be surprised if he goes after whoever has the belt or he does it effortlessly? I know I wouldn't, for me it would become EASILY mundane and boring. If people are that concern I think they should go back and see his old work where he was around every week. And let us not forget that the man has or had diverticulitis which has put a strain on his career as an athlete.

    Is it a big slap in the face to the fans and superstars when top superstars like Brock or Cena, are allowed to take the title and hold on to it without competing every week after? Yes but I believe that is the point as much grief as people give Brock, he still does his job well of not maintaining a fan base or (televised) friendships because he doesn't want you to like him or need you to like him. And the people love it and respect it because they see he's this tough bad ass that can snap at any moments notice. He was been using this attitude and persona for quite some time. He has worked his ass off weekly when he first started and I don't think he has to prove that he can work week after week. As I see it, they are setting up a hierarchy where you have your jobbers, mid-carders, fan favorites/top superstars and then u have that higher tier of a Brock Lesnar or John Cena or Goldberg or Undertaker and so on.

    Whether Lesnar gets pinned or not, doesn't matter, a win is a win. Look back at when Seth Rollins, cashed in on Roman & Brock's match at WrestleMania 31, hated that Seth interfered in a great match but I could understand the reason why and what could happen next. I mean the guy have to be beat somehow, every person on Earth gets beat at something one way or the other but what's more important is how they fight back to win.

    That's my take on all this.
  18. In my opinion, Lesnar should only appear a handful of times because it's true that he gives an aura, but because of that I don't want him being the Champion. I would rather have the title being passed around more than WCW than have it disappear altogether, and I hate short reigns. I just find the fact that he never defends it is stupid. I'd love if he never showed up on TV, but wrestle every Raw ppv with Paul Heyman doing promo work on the ppv.

    Point I'm trying to make is nothing is worse for a title than not being around, and with the current setup that's what's going on
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  19. Side note, I love how this went from "Maybe a UFC fight" to "What's your thoughts on Lesnar?"
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  20. Okay cool so I understand what you and I can agree maybe we dont need him as a champ ESPECIALLY EVERY TIME he makes his return. He is great without going after any title, I do believe he need some type of achievement to stand as why you don't fuck with Lesnar other than his in-ring record. I also hate the short title reigns as well, WWE for whatever reason keep doing these at times I believe to show that is it possible to be on top of the mountain one week and at the bottom the next month.

    He does defend the title but I know what you mean (he hardly ever has to defend on Raw). Now you said you would love if he was never on TV (on Raw) and did all his fights on PPVs as well as his promos BUT here we go again with this being bad in both Brock and the WWE favors. Because if he just exclusively appear on PPVs only then as fans (long time or new) it would take away from a build up and lay out proper groundwork for his destruction and mayhem. We all deserve some type of understanding of why 'this guy' wants to tear 'that guy' alive. Now as far as all his physical work being only show in PPVs, I can kinda get on board with that but you know we'll still have complainers about he doesn't do enough, it's not fair, they want more from him and then we're right back to square one with fans wanting Brock to go back to UFC or work permanently at WWE on a weekly basis lol.
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