Lesner Set to Lose to Cena Perdiction.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. I think he will lose because why would they bring out edge to tell him he has to win cena might go heel and use his fear to his advantage.
  2. Theres no way Brock came back to lose to John Cena. Brock is winning at Extreme Rules
  3. Brock Lesnar pins John Cenah in 3:25 to retain the status quo.
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  4. I wouldn't be surprised if one of Aces stooges came out to deal some beatdowns to Cena either backstage before the match or during the match if someone gets the refs attention. Allowing Lesnar to completely dominate him.
  5. i think that cena is going to lose because if he win its too short rock and cena do they talk a year


    i think that cena is going to lose because if he win its too short rock and cena do they talk a year
  6. Lesnar is winning. So obvious.
  7. Who's Lesner?

    All I know Lesnar is winning. He HAS TO win, in order for Cena to actually establish something decent out of his horrible character.
  8. 110% AGREE!


  9. Going in my sig.
  10. Ah, this makes sense. Cena lost to the Rock in the "most important match of his life", which we imagined was going to set up some sort of interesting storyline or character change for Cena, with him getting back to the bottom and having to work his way up, or getting pissed and turning heel, but nothing changed. They may have just postponed the storyline so they can pop a buy rate for Lesnar's in ring return, have Brock win cleanly and then to the Cena possibly heel storyline. Either that, or the match won't end cleanly and the storyline will continue. Cena won't win, I'm sure.
  11. meaby cena will go side by side with Kane?
  12. We will see that's who I have my money on cena
  13. Brock just isn't losing on his first appearance in the ring for 8 years and being billed as the dominant monster taking over WWE.
  14. The Rock treated Cena like a bitch in their match and Brock will do the same with Cena
  15. They brought edge back to bring back the '06 John cena. john cena @ his best.
  16. He wasn't much different then was he?
  17. In theory, no. But back then it was before the WWE universe was tired of him. It was also back when he was the underdog where now he's more like a dynasty.

    It seems WWE is trying to get that john cena back again. Having Lesnar come back and attack cena and having John lauren trying to replace john cena with lesnar. And John cena be the smaller guy so he needs to get a chain to fight his opponent who's basically bullying him.
  18. Cena was getting boos even back in 2006. I think early in the year was when he first actually acknowledged and addressed it on Raw one night. I personally doubt that anything short of Cena going back to his full Thuganomics persona (which isn't happening) will cause the fans to like him again.
  19. Something other that might work would be Cena taking a one year break and returning as 05-06 Cena. Cause then he would have been away from the limelight and we wouldn't have had him showed into our faces for a while.
  20. Not having Cena shoved down my throat would be nice for a change.
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