Lesners first fued... Hypothesis

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DarksideTrin, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Next raw. Leaner comes out to tell us that John cena has a torn neck muscle and will be out indefinitely because I am Brock... And I brought the pain to cena. (in reality cena is off filming "death to smootchie" part2).

    But he gets cut off in mid sentence. It's..... Cody Rhodes!

    Brock! Let me show you these video clips...

    And then starts playing. "Cody Rhodes presents Brock Lesners UFC blooper reel".
    Showcasing all of Brock's mishaps and every time he got destroyed or looked awkward in any match.

    Brock challenges him at extreme rules in an MMA battle. Result? Cody gets beaten to a pulp and has to go back and reform legacy.

  2. Thread moved.

    Lol, I'd want to see Cody Rhodes Presents video clip on Brock.
  3. NO! Cena vsing Brock at E.Rule it was just said in another thread!
  4. Was this in the wrong spot?



    Dude... Google "hypothesis".... Post your results

  5. Your thread is about next RAW so it belongs here. :otunga:
  6. Gotcha! Thanks! I'm just happy I can use my phones web browser to post somewhere other then the suggestions thread!

    I think this story is feasible!

  7. Lmao that is so awesome. Seriously, awesome. It won't happen but my god showing Brock's embarrassing moments and watching Cody destroy him verbally would be a treat.
  8. WWE would never provide that free advertising for UFC.
  9. Everyone in the back, including Undertaker knows that Brock could kick anyone's ass.

    He's the only one with anything to show. I'd still like to see Brock v Cody for the lols though.
  10. Kurt Angle and Kane would be tough for him :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. I've been marking out for 2 days straight. Brock is coming to EXTREME RULES! I will see him!
  12. I hope you are joking around.
  13. I LOL'd so hard. Cody would be WWE's number one troll if he did that.
  14. Brock has said himself that Kurt was tougher than him (as as Kurt) and he lost to Kane in an arm wrestle so I thought I'd add him in there.
  15. That was years ago before Angle was an old man, and prior to Brock's MMA training. Brock would mop the floor with either of those two at this point in time.
  16. No way!!!!! im sick of Cody Rhodes enough of this video clip thing he does with other wrestlers. Brock Lesnar would tear Cody apart if he tried that
  17. This, the only person who comes close to pushing Brock is Danielson and he is far while back. Possibly Punk also because they both have strong training in their ground games. Bryan with jujitsu and Pubk is a respected trainer with some member of the Gracie family I believe. I'm not saying either would beat Brock but they're probably the closest.
  18. Nah Jericho.

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  19. Brock Lesnar will go nowhere near Cody Rhodes.
  20. They probably get quite close in the locker room :emoji_slight_smile:
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