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Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Brock Lesnar set the stage for a split on Raw last Monday (July 30), and there have been reports of Paul Heyman working with the red brand’s writing team and helping with promo class down at the Performance Center. It seems more and more likely The Advocate will stick around even if he loses his most famous client (sorry Phil).

    So what should he do?

    Our crack video team of Cain A. Knight and Stef Hatala have a few ideas, and I’ve got a few others below their discussion. Plus, we of course want to hear/read yours.

    My main contribution are a couple caveats:

    1. Brock has to leave, or there has to be a definitive split of the two. Cesaro and Curtis Axel eventually found their roles in WWE after being Heyman Guys, but they basically had to overcome the time they spent as Paul’s secondary concerns rather than being helped by his advocacy. We shouldn’t try having a wrestler stand next to Heyman while he reminds us how great Lesnar is ever again.
    2. It should be someone established, and on the cusp of the main event already. Could Heyman talk up a newcomer or a repackaged veteran as they climb the ladder? Sure, given the right overall creative environment. But that’s a fickle thing only one man has control over. We’re used to Paul on the first and last segments of Raw, and that’s where he should stay.

    With those in mind, in addition to Cain and Stef’s choices of Ronda Rousey, heel Roman Reigns, or Braun Strowman, I’d add these ideas...

    Bobby Lashley

    Another pretty obvious one, but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. Turn Bob and this would basically be a remix of the Lesnar partnership, only with the wrestler actually being around every week. Sounds good to me.

    Kevin Owens

    I hear you already, “KO doesn’t need a mouthpiece!” But neither did Punk, and that worked out okay. Like the Straight-Edge One, what Owens needs is someone to get Vince McMahon, et al to treat him as more than the guy who puts over the guy... at least when “the guy” isn’t The Rock or Undertaker. Having help running his mouth might do that for the Prizefighter.

    A MMA Horsewomen Stable... without Ronda Rousey

    This one seems to violate my own caveat #2, but since this dream team would feud against a pissed off Rousey, I think it still counts as a main event role. Align Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke with someone else with mixed martial arts experience or a MMA gimmick - say, Sonya Deville? Have them show up on Raw pissed off that the discussion of female cagefighters-turned-pro wrestlers begins and ends with Ronda. Heyman is their J.J. Dillon. Rowdy is now Dusty Rhodes (except she probably wins all the time). Sit back and cash the checks.

    There’s our fantasy booking for a Heyman Guy or Gal(s).

    Your turn.

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  2. Paul wouldn't work long term managing a woman, not today anyways.

    Too many sensitive people. He would be talking to other women as a man so it would not go over well. Scripted or not, some people would take it the wrong way.
  3. Curtis Axel
  4. I honestly feel it's very unlikely Paul will have a significant role once Brock is gone. They've tried to give him several throughout the years but always with fail Other than a double cross with Heyman as Roman's mouthpiece, I don't see him having a regular role if Brock does not sign up again.
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  5. He worked great with Punk but realistically, Punk didn't need him.
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  6. Roman Reigns
  7. People like to put Heyman with people so that he can cut promo's for. I would prefer if Heyman went with someone because it's good storytelling and is interesting. Instead of just picking a guy/gal who lacks mic skills. Seems a bit of waste. Heyman means more then that.

    Let's face it. Heyman isn't going to manage Mojo Rawley. He isn't going to manage a tag team. He is not going to go from Brock Lesnar to a mid carder.

    Kevin Owens or Ronda Rousey would be my pick. They make storyline sense and and it could be interesting.
  8. Punk's capital and personal friendship with Heyman at the time probably got Heyman more screen time than he would have gotten simply with Lesnar.
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  9. I like Paul Heyman but I think he benefits a lot from a lack of wrestling managers in today's pro wrestling. He is hardly the most charismatic manager off all time, especially in comparison to Bobby Heenan,the Grand Wizard and Lou Albano.

    Nowadays, instead of looking at a wrestler and wondering who would make a good mouthpiece for them, we tend to look at who the manager can be a good mouthpiece for. KO is the last person in WWE who needs a manager. I'd actually think Ronda might be the last female who needs one too, simply because her reputation does more than a manager could ever do.

    More than likely, if Lesnar does not sign up, we'll see Heyman diminish.
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  10. I'm not looking at this as who needs a manager. Kevin doesn't need one. I'm looking at as what I think would be entertaining. Why can't we have two guys that are good on the mic? It's happened loads of time in the past and will happen loads of time in the future.

    I'm just looking at it as what would be the most interesting and make storyline sense .

    Sure you could give Heyman to someone who needs him as a manager, but I don't think that would be very good to do it just for that reason alone. That's below Heyman
  11. Because having two guys good on the mic trying to share mic time is a bad idea. Why take KO, who is likely the best trash talker in wrestling history, and pair him up with someone who will do nothing but steal mic time from him? Seems pretty dumb to me.
    Can't agree with you even mildly here. There is nothing going on right now that would make Heyman and KO coming together make sense.

    Um, no. That's basically Heyman to a T
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  12. It's called a double act. Has happened million times in wrestling before and has been successful. Kevin has been in two double acts with guys who are just as good on the mic. I felt that he was extremely entertaining and did not lose any opportunities.

    Probably because we are two different people that see different stuff.

    Nope you misunderstand. He isn't going to be paired up with someone just for the sole reason that the guy struggles on the mic. Heyman would want something meaty to sink his teeth into. Putting him with Apollo Crews isn't going to happen.
  13. Never said it never happened. I just said it didn't make sense. Plenty of things have happened in this world and didn't make sense.

    When did I say that we aren't different people and we can't see different stuff? This is a discussion forum So if I disagree with you, I shouldn't write down my opinion? I never said you were right or wrong, just that I disagree.

    I don't misunderstand anything. Your post proves that I completely understand what you're trying to say, I just don't agree with it. And by your own post, you agree that we are two different people and see two different things. I think you're wrong, which only means something to me and you.. nobody else. Neither of us are right or wrong since this is nothing but opinion
  14. Yes and I'm saying it has made sense in the past. It has made sense for Kevin in the past and has made sense for Paul in the past. So that's a worthwhile point to put forward

    Didn't say you did. What are you talking about? I'm just agreeing with you that we have different perceptions of what we watch on TV.

    What are you talking about? I accepted that by saying we see stuff different. When did I say that you shouldn't express your opinion. I literally accepted and appreciated your opinion

    I know that and I acknowledge it by saying we see stuff different. That means it's subjective and there is no right or wrong opinion. What are you talking about?

    That's is what I suggested in my previous post.

    What I mean by this is that we are looking at the WWE product differently. That's why we disagree.How does that suggest that I think that you think we are the same person???

    Since it's a discussion forum I would like to understand why you think Kevin and Heyman pairing up makes no storytelling sense.
  15. Perhaps AJ or Seth might work? Both are crazy athletic and Paul could remind them how dangerous it could be to continue.

    Fans would not like this but AJ or Seth has his life and family to think about. Paul could help there and their futures.

    Both guys would still be good at heart but turn only of life quality. Maybe that's a bad idea. :emoji_confounded:
  16. Nobody, just put him in creative.

    Heyman has never worked with anyone besides Lesnar.. They've tried with guys like Axel, Ryback, Punk, Cesaro.. It always flops.. Give him a different role if Lesnar is not going to be around.
  17. I pick no one & Heyman can piss off.
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  18. Punk didn't flop.
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  19. If anything, Punk did more for Heyman than Heyman did for Punk.
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  20. They could use the help. At least he is familiar with wrestling. Not sure what kind of monkeys on type writers they have writing up most of this crap but Heyman should improve it.