Let the skyfall when it tumbles

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  1. We will stand tall and face it all together.

    Anyone else excited for the release, I know I'm an immature fucker but I love the Bond series as a whole and loved Craig in Casino Royale and this is apparently closer to that style then in Quantum plus the theme is great imo, Adele did a great job.
  2. I'm really looking forward to the film, I love James Bond movies. I haven't heard the theme can you link me to it. :otunga:
  3. Btw, why doesn't anything work for me: from quote, bold, text size, image, video input to centring text. Nothing from the bar above when posting is working. It says undefined and just blocks. :upset:

    And yeah, 007 ftw.
  4. [align=left]

    Works for me, Testify suppose you could try F5ing.
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  5. How can I F5 it, I'm not Brock Lesnar.:dawg:
  6. Sounds like a good theme. :otunga:
  7. :obama:


    YouTube wrassling, why waste money on a school?
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  8. Actually my ringtone, I love it.
  9. Bond is one of my fav franchises. Looking forward to this film.
  10. Thanks for the wrestling lesson, but my posts still are what they meant to be - balls to the walls.:dawg:
  11. Guess I'll watch it.

    Absolutely love the theme.. So ''Bond-ish''..
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