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  1. *The video opens to a shot of the back of Andersen Vega walking around backstage. He appears slightly flustered, pushing past members of production crew without taking his eyes off wherever he's going. After a few seconds of walking down a corridor, he turns to his right and shoves a door open. It takes a moment for the cameraman to catch up and walk in behind him, by which time Vega is already face to face with Jack Rogue, who's dressed in his new half-mask along with ripped jeans, a leather jacket and trainers*

    : Where have you been, huh? I ain't seen you since last week's show! In fact, where in the hell were you when that generic Incredible Hulk lookalike Ryan Blake and his sister screwed me last week!? You're supposed to help me out when shit turns sour and you were nowhere to be seen! Where were you, huh?

    *Vega and Jack's eyes have locked, both seemingly made of steel with Vega being pissed off and Jack being a few custard creams removed from a pack of biscuits. Jack wins this staring contest as Vega notices a different look in Jack's eyes, a look that actually intimidates the normally courageous Vega a little, causing him to break eye contact and continuing to speak.*

    : Jack, I don't think you've grasped what I've tried to do for you. This, all the weird rocking and shit and that laugh that makes you sound like Harley Quinn's pet chipmunk isn't you, this wasn't my intention. All I wanted for you was to be able to move past those Kentucky Fried dribblers who cheered you, to be able to see that you don't need them to succeed and to help you understand that you're better off without them, not turn into some Hannibal Lecter motherfucker! You just need to snap out of this, man, it looks like you're going through some freaky ass mid-life crisis for fuck sake...

    *Vega again momentarily glances into the eyes of Jack Rogue, who has kept his steely gaze on Vega this entire time*

    : Oh my god, you know what MR Thousand Yard Stare? I'm going to snap you out of this. Come on, we're going to the gym. I know how much you loved being there and foolishly trying to make yourself a better wrestler so that's what you're gonna do because I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd prefer that ginger, dorky Ron Weasly lookalike than whatever the fuck you're supposed to be. And who knows, maybe a good workout will help clear your head. There seems to be plenty to clear. Grab my bags.

    *The video fades to black as Andersen turns on his heel to leave the room*

    *As the video fades back in, we see the walking back of Vega once more, this time dressed in gym clothes and entering the Precision practice gym. The gym is filled with all kinds of workout apparatus in pristine condition, and the centrepiece is a highly recognisable Precision wrestling ring. Seeing as there's no Precision show on today, the gym is fairly crowded - Tyson Blade can be seen in the background, running on a treadmill, and Noah Styles is in the right-hand foreground, quietly pumping dumbbells. Vega looks around critically, then beckons Jack Rogue, who's wearing similar attire and still carrying two gym bags. Andersen walks over to a bench press and points for Jack to lie down on it*

    Andersen: We're going 5lbs over your previous five rep mark. Push yourself, let's go.

    *Rogue grips the bar, and Vega goes as if to put his hands underneath to spot for Jack. Then he chuckles, smirks to the camera, and takes a couple of steps backwards. Rogue ignores him, then lifts the barbell off the rack and lowers it slowly onto his chest. He then quickly rattles off three reps and Vega raises his eyebrows, impressed. On the fourth, Jack falters slightly, his left elbow beginning to give. Quickly, Andersen moves forward a little, then stops himself. Rogue notices, scowls, and completes the rep, then flawlessly executes the final one*

    : Well do-

    *Jack completely blanks Vega and walks towards the squat rack*

    : Hey!

    *Rogue stops and slowly, reluctantly, turns around to face Vega. Andersen is taking a couple of weights off the ends of the bar, very quickly*

    : Fucking spot for me.

    *Jack doesn't visibly react, but slowly steps into position as Vega lays down on the bench. Andersen lifts the bar into position and slowly pushes up his first two reps. By the third, he has slowed significantly. On the fourth, he audibly grunts with the effort, and on his final rep his elbow gives out. Jack takes the bar from Andersen and puts it back on the rack*

    : Shitting hell. Wipe this bench, Jack.

    *Vega throws a nearby towel at Rogue and storms off across the gym. The cameraman appears to hesitate before following Andersen at a small distance. Vega stops suddenly next to the ring and smiles. Then he climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes, then runs the ropes a couple of times before calling out*

    : Jack? Get in here.

    *After a few seconds, Rogue emerges from between the workout machines and rolls into the ring*

    : Right. Sparring. Keep it to holds, obviously. You need to think more strategically in your matches. Now, get in that corner.

    *Andersen backs up into the nearby turnbuckles and waits for Rogue to do the same*

    : OK... go.

    *Vega skips to his left and Rogue leans as if to move around to circle the same way, then steps back and meets Andersen in a side headlock. Immediately, Vega backs up to bump off the ropes but Jack swiftly drops to one knee, and then grounds Andersen completely. Vega attempts to kick his legs into the air to pass into a head scissor but Jack rolls away from his legs and then sits back up into the same position a little way across the ring, the headlock still sinched in*

    *After struggling for a moment, Andersen gets his feet underneath him and stands up, before suddenly dropping onto his front out of the headlock and sweeping out Jack's leg. As Rogue drops, Vega attempts to move around for a headlock of his own but Jack pops up to his feet and grabs Andersen's arm, pulling it into a hammerlock. Vega winces, then holds Rogue by his head and sits out into a jawbreaker. Jack seems stunned but doesn't fall. Andersen sprints away towards the ropes, bumps off, and is suddenly caught by a hard clothesline from Rogue, the impact lifting him off his feet. Vega is sent flipping backwards, landing on his chest hard. Jack has dropped to his knees in the ring and is breathing heavily with his eyes closed. Andersen has rolled out of the ring by now*

    Andersen: What the fuck?! I told you to keep it to holds, dumbass! Grab my fucking bag, we're out of here. You'll suffer for this, Jack.

    *The camera pans back to Rogue, who still hasn't moved, and the video fades to black*

    -End of segment-
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    Thanks to @Welsh-Wizard-97 for writing the beginning dialogue section of this, this is his promo for the week too.

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