Let's Cut Some Crap

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Bort, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Look, I know this place is a juvenile, and more posts = recognition, but I really, really believe we need to draw the line somewhere. So, I think admin(s) should turn off the post count in Q&S, The Ramp, Federation X and Locker Room sub-forums.

    I know it and you know it, the spamming in order to build the post counts is getting serious. I'm all for good spamming :boss: but let's not make the post counting out of it.

    My two cents.
  2. Who's spamming beyond Mike?
  3. Me, you, Krayo, RKO, TestifyScavo, Jonathan, Zamorkian, Dolph'sZiggles... Everybody, bro. Let's face it.
  4. Who spams? Mike doesn't count. All those sections listed (except perhaps Locker Room and Q&S) involve HQ posts/discussions most of the time. Sure threads can turn off-topic but I'm no dictator that stops users having fun.

    I think your definition of spam is flawed. Posting a lot and spamming are completely different.
  5. "Spamming" is maybe, just maybe too harsh, but you know what I mean. Off-topic sub-forums shouldn't be in a post count.
  6. That only becomes an issue if people use those sections to post LQ threads/posts solely for the purpose to increase post count. None of our users seem to care about their post count, but if they're using the wrestling sections to boost it then that's a bonus.

    If it does ever become an issue (most likely when we run competitions for example), those sections will temporarily have posting turned off. But off-topic forums serve its purpose well, I wouldn't want to take away post count from users who are simply getting involved in community discussions.
  7. Okay, fair then. No hard feelings.
  8. I suppose the counting thread could be classed as that but as Crayo says who cares about a post count?
  9. No doubt the locker room is a LQ place but it's no where near our most active section. Can see that by looking at the bottom of each category. I think the wrestling sections have over 22,000 posts or something.

    Still love you @[JoeRulz]
  10. You're talking about taking the post counts off for almost half of the whole forums.
  11. :cool:
  12. Hey fuck you buddy! I don't spam shit.

    The closest thing I've done to spam is posting a 30 page thread where me and Seabs were talking about the last UFC PPV

    I don't even go to the Locker Room. That place is for dweebs
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  13. Which I would have spammed too if I could have watched it :emoji_slight_frown:.
  14. I ended up falling asleep straight after the main event so Dolph spammed himself :laugh:
  15. The ME was amazing.. I had to do something

    besides, it just ended up making one really long post, not multiple posts
  16. Hehe, I tooted.
  17. I water mouthed bout Rrrrrrosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
  18. Do I spam yo? Ni**a won die? BiTcH!
  19. Perfect example of threads going off-topic :emoji_slight_smile:

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