Let's discuss divas.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Who's the hottest diva in the WWE right now?

    Kaitlyn :win:
  2. Kaitlyn I think.
  3. I love AJ
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    lol jk I think Natalya is
  4. Kaitlyn. They all bore me tho.
  5. Layla is right up there at the top.
  6. AJ, K2, Layla.
  7. I really don't get the AJ hype tbh, I dig Layla and Eve currently. Also Rosa Mendes.
  8. Forgot Eve: gusta:

    AJ's ass. :fap:
  9. Look at Michelle mcCools twitter profile pic..... Then come back and answer!

  10. Kelly Kelly is the hottest WWE diva ever
  11. Eve is the hottest. Especially now that she is a heel :gusta:
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  12. It's Kaitlyn for me, .. She's beautiful.
  13. I'd probably say it's a toss-up between Beth and Layla, having said that, Beth to me seems a bit too mussily for a woman which is kinda a turn off,
  14. Kaitlyn, and Eve I think. WWE divas are too beautiful for their own good. :laugh:
  15. Eve is beautiful, and I bet she gets told it everyday.
  16. Eve is actually hot, some of the others are just decent as far as people who have health/eating/workout trainers to keep them looking alright well after. I dig Natalya also, and AJ does good with what she has, other than that...nah.
  17. AJ is cute, not hot. Also, something about her looking 15 makes me feel dirty to be too attracted to her XD
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