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  1. Go get some online work for the wwe. We can all work for wwe behind the scenes online in some department im sure. Maybe script overviewers? Fan club generator? WWE Pundits? Anything of that sort? Will settle for $2000 monthly each. What do u think? :surprised:
  2. :laugh:
  3. Whats so funny :angry: Have faith bitch :surprised: They need people like us (excluding crayo ofcourse ) :cool:
  4. I'd vote for you to be in WWE creative, once I convince myself Hogan, Roddy Piper, HHH and Vince McMahon deserve to be the main event of RAW, bathing in blood.

  5. We actually watch wrestling, that disqualifies us from writing for WWE. They don't like people who actually know about the product.

  6. Then perhaps I should try and do some of this writing for WWE :welcome:
  7. JeebaK doesn't he just says how good the Rock is it seems.

  8. Lol'd.
  9. Too many jokes. Be serious nubs.
  10. I'd love to work for WWE, but it just won't happen. :emoji_slight_frown:

  11. You aren't allowed sadly JeebaK McMahon says they don't need people like you.
  12. Damn, I'll blade myself before the interview, might help my chances.

  13. Lol, that was me trolling.

    Being honest, most people here can work for the wwe in some sort of the way , behind the scenes.

    Wanna spam vince's twitter till he accepts?
  14. Vince has twitter?

    I honestly feel the members here would put on a better show than WWE Creative.

  15. I doubt he knows what a computer is tbh.

  16. lol respect the man though, without him there would be no wwe. All the shows that u see out there TNA WCW Ring of Honour ECW Super Lucha Libre etc etc , without wwe none of them would be made.
    It was a brilliant piece of idea to mix wrestling with storylines.

    PS found this http://corporate.wwe.com/careers/index.jsp
  17. Yeah Vince is a genius, just an idiot at the same time :emoji_slight_smile:.
  18. Lets get the topic back on point. So crayo, if vince doesnt have twitter go spam HHH?
  19. He doesn't have Twitter either. He'll get flamed too much.
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