Let's fix England.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Yes it's a TLDR thread.

    Both Spain and Germany years ago went under a revolution. Spain's was further back in history in the 80's I think, when they invested a lot of money in their game which resulted in 30,000 paid coaches around the country. Germany, very recently did the same. They went under a revolution and now look at their team. Young creative players. They too have around 30,000 paid coaches in their cuontry. England have 5,000 paid coaches, that's it. The rest are parents of kids managing their local team.

    That sounds fun and stuff but it's through youth that Spain and Germany now have this style (more so Spain). In Spain, their under 9's team plays identical to the Spanish national team. Identical. Messi in the Barcelona camp knows no other style than pass move pass move, same applies to the rest of Barcelona/Madrid etc. So, let's do the same with England.

    The FA need to invest heavily in coaches and get us up there with the likes of Spain/Germany with over 30,000 paid coaches across the country. But enough of that boring stuff, let's do what we can now. So if it was me I would immediately scrap 4-4-2, burn it and bin it. I would change it to either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 depending on the players available and team we're facing. I would then promote Rodwell, Micah Richards, Carrick, Walker, Wilshere, Welback, Henderson (yes believe it or not) and Cleverely to first team footballers, some on the subs bench. All of those play with a creative flair - if you don't believe me - start watching U21 international football.

    The biggest name in that list is Jack Wilshere. He'll slot into Rooney's place. Rooney atm gets the ball deep and creates play, like he does for Man United. After doing that he sprints into the box to try and score a goal. But at Manchester United he has Nani, Valencia, Scholes (a better version of Pirlo), Carrick (awesome at keeping the ball) and Welback who help support Wayne. England it just doesn't happen. So yeah back on topic, Wilshere will be our version of Iniesta. Wilshere in a few years will be a candidate for Baloon D'Or anyway, so I have no worries with him filling that role.

    He needs someone to work with, so at the time being Jack will have to work with Lampard/Gerrard/Parker to actually qualify for Brazil because if you do the revolution too quickly then it won't work and we won't even make it to the world cup. But if we're comfortable in qualifying you start introducing Rodwell and Cleverely to the main stage - dropping Frank and Steven Gerrard. Cleverely is also like an Iniesta, but he's more like Xavi. He'll get the ball, pass it, move, receive it, pass it, move, receive it, pass it, see's a space open up, receive it and pass into that space. Wilshere can take people on (YouTube Wilshere vs Barcelona to see how good Wilshere is).

    So now you have two creative/passing midfielders in the team, you need an anchorman. You need 3 in the middle else you're outnumbered, who's better at anchoring than Carrick? Active watchers of the BPL will understand completely what Carrick does. He's the busquets of England (a better version I might add), or the Xabi Alonso (not as good as Xabi). He'll simply hold, shoot out those long balls accurately, keep the ball, defend well etc. He allows the two creative midfielders ahead to do what they want.

    The wingers will be Young and Walcott/Ox, I think Seabs might disagree with the Young inclusion but watch him for Manchester United. If he's around people who can hold the ball, he doesn't need to come back and do the defensive work (which requires strength - Young has none), he's a good passer of the ball and is a very big goal threat. Ox/Walcott on the other side will give us amazing pace with Walker behind too. All of the front men, Rooney, Young, Welback, Ox, Walcott etc will be closing down the opponent in their half fast, identical to Spain. BUT if there's too much room for the defenders to manoeuvre it you stop and start the pushing on the half way line - again - like Spain.

    We have one of the best keepers in the world (Joe Hart), the best LB in the world (Ashley Cole), an awesome RB who's faster than anyone I've ever seen in that position (Walker) and two consistent strong CB's in Terry and Lescott who could easily be replaced by Jagielka, Cahill etc. That's a great back line. You have Carrick, Cleverely and Wilshere in the midfield keeping the ball and creating chances, that's an awesome midfield to nurture. With Young, Rooney and Walcott/Ox (or even Welback - Walker bombs up the wings and Welback is an awesome passer himself) up front. That team is already a lot better than the defensive team we have now. Feel free to leave feedback, add your own input etc. Let's fix our diabolical football team.
  2. I don't mean to focus in on a tiny portion of this otherwise good post that I mostly agree with, but I wouldn't say Scholes is better than Pirlo by any stretch. Equals perhaps, but I'd give Pirlo the nod.

    Other than that I agree with everything. It's time for a youth injection and facelift for the English National team. I love the idea of Wilshire playing in Rooney's current role and freeing Rooney to play more forward and focusing on goal scoring.
  3. I dunno how much of Scholes you watch, but Pep Guardiola even said if he could pick any player in the world to move to Barca it'd be Scholes and that he rates him even above Xavi and Iniesta. Pep, the manager of midfield basically lmao. Pirlo has the passing game nailed down, but his long balls don't match Scholes', their short game is the same, movement and everything else is identical. Scholes has a better shot but Pirlo has a better free kick. Not much to compare anyway, both are still in the top 10 midfielders in the world. At best I'd say they're probably equal.

    Also, if you're a fan of Wilshere you must see this:


    Ox I think will be an awesome addition in the future, he's 18 at the moment but he'll be one of our top players I think.
  4. I watch as many Man U matches as I do any club, but Scholes wasn't playing most of the time when I saw them last season. I just think he's slowed down more than Pirlo at this point in time, and Pirlo is the much more accomplished player, especially on the International stage. Scholes has never done anything like Pirlo did in '06 carrying Italy to the World Cup, and now 6 years later he has been far and away their best player taking them to the finals of the Euros.
  5. I'm just saying this out of knowledge from a fifa game I played awhile ago.

    What happen to that good player with the black hair?
  6. Scholes has played nearly every Man U game since January I think... so... I disagree with the rest but everyone has their opinion.

    You'll need to be a LOT more descriptive than that.
  7. You disagree that Pirlo has accomplished more as an international player? When did Scholes carry England to a World Cup or Euros finals?
  8. I disagree with your reasoning of choosing Pirlo, I don't disagree with his inevitable more success at international stage. Scholes kind of put his fingers up at international footall, where as Pirlo embraced it and built a legacy of it. I know for one second Pirlo couldn't do what he does now in the BPL, Scholes still does. Anyway gtfo hijacking my thread.
  9. I think he was a mid-fielder.
  10. Scholes is like most England players, never gave a fuck due to mismanagement. Rooney, Gerrard, Lamps, J Cole and countless others have been the same. They get fucked about with various positions that they don't care.
  11. Really doesn't help. Gerrard? Lampard? Trying to think of decent English fifa midfielders -,-

    This. Has Gerrard once actually played the role he has for Liverpool? He was a CDM this tourny, last tourny he was a CM/CDM, Euro's before that I think he was a LM lol.

    Messi, Ronaldo etc all play wherever they want. Rooney is stuck as our go to guy to keep possession - you know - the job of a CM. :facepalm1:

    DW though Seabs, this plan here will save English football.
  12. If you want to improve England, get some good ass spanish football players on your team. Mexican is exceptional but Italy is ok too.
  13. Arteta could be the player we need tbh, he holds the ball so well in the DM position, he could make us tick whilst Wilshere, OX and Walcott play off Rooney / Carroll for when Wayne decided he doesn't want to show up for the international tournaments.
  14. Isn't Arteta eligible too? I'd take him over any of our current CM's apart from Wilshere/Cleverely.
  15. He's eligible but the FA don't want him because he's Spanish. I'd take him over Cleverly tbh as well, from what I've seen of him.
  16. Watch Cleverely pre-injury. It was no coincidence United were playing Barcelona style football when Cleverely was fighting fit, when he got injured we were pretty bad for a while. It's hard to even compare them since they're different styles. I'd love them both to be in the team, Arteta isn't a goal threat though but he has one hell of a free kick.

    Fuck the FA. I'd take any Spanish blood lmao.
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