Lets forget the anti-semite card for a moment

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    Eight-year-old Palestinian girl, was shot by Israeli rubber bullets in her mouth! # Gaza (Translated by Bing)
    I'm trying to find the source but the translations are rough. The truth is quick to find, a Palestinian 8 year old girl was shot with rubber bullets by Israeli Agents. If you have trouble believing it, be serious with yourself, and try to put yourself in their position.

    Palestine has been cut out of it's own country a long time ago, but would you freely uproot your family and give away your home and land you worked for to appease the countries who have decided your land was owed to another country? Palestinian people, including children, have been assaulted by stoned multiple times by an Israeli army - it's publicized and you can literally see the events happen - before something like this has been just another incident to not make world news.

    An 8 year old girl was shot in the face and mouth with rubber bullets, and I dare any defector who underplays rubber bullets to take 3 in the chest, legs, or anywhere you think can be handled. The fact certain things are so underplayed by the united states and world media is such a personal bother to me. Who the fuck cares about Bieber, or Britney Spears coming back, or any of this other dogshit faux news when the world is filled with media we ignore on a day to day basis. Is TMZ a real media source? WHy is it overvalued? What makes Fox and CNN a source for people on one side OR the other?

    What is wrong with our media is absolute dogshit, because the world is not a place of simplistic views, which is why originally the news was meant to show both sides of the picture. I'm preaching here but propaganda is what it is, left or right, white or back, or in shades of gray posing as one or the other.

    Sensationalism is the failure in this country. I hope if you take something away from this, that the previous statement is all. Be an adult, stop worrying about reality tv, who is fucking whom, whatever TMZ does, and why people are corrupt. Pick one agenda, and fucking go for it. Fix one problem at a time, because no one is big enough for everything.
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  2. I've been seeing this lately. Anyone have a clue what's going on?
  3. Fuck USA
  4. Israeli/Palestinian conflicts have been increasing over the land they have or are fighting over.
    This has nothing to do with USA genius, unless you are stating our friendship with Israel is a main cause of this, which it isnt. The UN awarded them with Palestinian land long ago, and that has been the main cause of the conflict, as Palestinian children have to walk into "Israeli territory" to go to school. That is the main situation.

    If anything, fuck you Israel and the land you never earned. Russians lost more lives than Israelis, and pleny of documents use homosexuals and people with mental/physical handicaps to up the #'s for the sake of world sympathy. I am not anti-jew, I am anti-Israel.
  5. TBF America was one of the driving forces in the UN to grant Israel the land it has, plus a major defender of Israeli rights and their side of the conflict. Not to mention their main supplier of arms and military training.
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  6. Agreed, there have been over a dozen movements blocked because of the power US is granted in the UN, stopping and blocking Israeli censorship.

    I'm absolutely against Israel, and in no way is my countries stance the same as my own. I dont even mind saying the State of Israel and the fact people connect anti-religious feelings with a country to me is the biggest travesty of all. We give Israel more aid than any country when they don't deserve it, allow the jews who work for their country to keep 100% of the money they send to their country, and the fact we allow our federal bank to work alongside Israel to allow them a better % based income than our own country makes me sick.

    I will no promote nuclear efforts at all, but I'd be a happy man if Palestine took their land back and Russia and Chinacalled the US out on our bullshit, i honestly fear we would go nukes and the idiot fox news-loving american would cheer it on. There are third world countries more educated than some of our states.
  7. Anyone see the video of Palestinians throwing little rocks at Israeli tanks.

    The US supports Israel because for one, Palestine has been and still is influenced by Islamic beliefs. Now it's kinda known that the US doesn't like Islamic beliefs. Palestine is also backed by long time US enemy, Iran. The US most likely fears Iran giving nuclear weapons to Palestine which is thought to be an Al Qadea stronghold. When in fact it's the home base of "terrorist" group "Hamaz." Israeli militants and Palestine citizens have been fighting and it's not really a threat for a billion dollar backed military by the most advanced military in the world. How the US can use "We help them defend" as an excuse is a complete lie. Palestine doesn't and can't form or have an army. Hamaz doesn't have nor can form an army. Israel has as much causalities in 10 years as Palestine has in 1 year. Israel is plainly oppressing and the US backs it. (This is all my views, what defines a "terrorist" would decide what Hamaz is.)

  8. Have you seen the video of Palestinian children who talk about getting rocks thrown at them via Israelis on their way to/from school?

    Remove head from ass and put yourself in the fucking situation. Your grandfather lives in poverty because his house in chicago was taken because Milwaukee said too bad. The Brewers steal money from the Cubs (and rightfully so) every year because the MLB as a whole said it was right and no one who lives in the USA can argue against it, because Major League Baseball occupies too many states and votes to give a fair chance to deny it from happening.

    Now back to IRL. We are the true terrorist you dipship, you think it's fair the USA has bases in 230 countries? We issued the patriot act without letting the majority of our senate even have the chance to vote on it, based on the fact there were "homegrown terroirstic threats" made here in the US. We do what we please, when and how we want, and fucking idiots continue to say it is based on freedom.

    Do you realize Osama wasnt in his videos? That he was a paid CIA operative as well as Oswald? We support certain forms of terrorism including paying to occupy certain countries at will before filling minds of dipshits with fear years later?

    We helped buld Al qaeda, we promoted Iran's leader Sadaam into his power, we left tanks in Iraq after the war leaving millions of dollars behind because it was less expensive than bringing them home in the 80s, we still support nations (including why the countries we have recently left are in political turmoil. You can claim victory a million times over as long as you don't allow publicity in the USA over it)

    If I came and took your parents house today and said it was my right via the USA, would your parents, you and your siblings, as well as the future generations now feel hatred towards that? Everything you've ever worked for is taken away because someone not even involved said so, and you are going to pretend people in the real world are willing to accept that shit?

    Fuck Israel.

  9. Skip the others if you want, but watch this and tell me we live in a fair world.
  10. What The Hell?

    Why're you being so angry? I'm supporting Palestine and I'm basically saying the terrorist are the US, Israel and other military supporters. The reason I talked about the rock thing was because the US claims they send billions of dollars to "defend" but defend from what? Rocks?

    The US put Mubarak, Assad's father in power, We forcefully put the Saudi king in power, they put Gaddafi in power and most of all we helped Assad. The US is a true, full blooded terrorist. Everyone says "Close Guantanamo!" but what the fuck about the secret prison or as I like to call, Death Camp. I lived in a house in Pakistan where US fucking tortured a man and I heard his shrieks and screams. They wouldn't let anyone near with barbed wire and guards.. guarding. It was December 2009, below 20 degrees and they were drenching him in fucking ice water. Ever heard of ISIS? Another TERRORIST group they are officially a country, but the US doesn't acknowledge that. The US drops mustard gas and purified Uranium on Vietnam but they tell Assad to stop?

    I was in the UL, the let every white male with a beard pass but a brown man passes with a beard...he was detained for 4 hours, missed his flight and wasn't given a voucher for the second boarding. The US is the biggest and greatest terrorist in the world. Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamaz and every other group isn't a terrorist group, it's the very slightest of what the US does.

    I'm no supporter of religious extremest but compared to the US...
  11. Map of ISIS

  12. I'm an anti-dentite @dios
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  13. Yeah yeah, seriousness aside. It looks like she took it like a champ. :obama:
  14. While I agree with you, you're coming off in a odd way about this.
  15. Talking to Bill?
  16. Crayo
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  17. You mean Aids.

    IDK why he got angry at me...I was on his side :((
  18. Holy absolute shit could I have made this thread any more offensive to anyone and everyone?
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