Lets get this out of the way.

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  1. This month is going to be D'Z vs Aids for MotM, and if you cant see it, you must be blind. I am going to give it up to D'Z, and go for BITW/winner next month since ill need over 2k more posts, and wont be vince quality when i win. nWo > all.

    We have a ton of HQ members here, but im just going to get this out of the way now. If this thread makes it to the end of the month, re read and vote D'Z instead of me, and wait until the end of October to give me my crown. Haters, unite.
  2. BiTW is 8k posts broski. :emoji_hushed:o
  3. :lol1: Watch me win it with 6.
  4. Boobs pwns all

    Vote for me
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  5. ^you're only reply. Get off the tit-wagon, if i was voting for that, id be voting KIAsport every month, and im sure most would be on the same bandwagon.
  6. Hell nah! I'd be voting Christa every month if we were voting for tits :lol1:

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  7. She is going to like that post. GN is nWo's knockout, and one of the best.
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  8. Ouch.

    Me >> Them when it comes to tits. Bikini contest, anyone?


    Anyways, I'm like Angelina in the #WFGals. They're just Madison and Velvet
  9. Yes please.
  10. I'm game.


    Anyways, I'm like Angelina in the #WFGals. They're just Madison and Velvet
  11. Kia - Goat/bitw at 2000 posts.
  12. Watch me. :emoji_wink:)

    Seriously tho all gimmick GN and Kia's awesome
  14. Let's get back on track. How many MotM votes have you had in all these months, enough to compete one time total? It's going to be the era of nWo, Farooq, D'Z, then aids. BITW winners, MotM. Rain will get his BITW probably November, and nWo is the GOAT thread.
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  15. Don't forget, we also have the GOAT guitarist :true:

    It's mother fucking Jimi Hendrix, the fucking GOAT!
  16. Aww, thank you. Aren't you kind. :emoji_wink: I do love my tits. :win:


    Thank you, too. :otunga:

    On the topic of the OP, my support lies with D'Z. No worries there.
  17. None of you two have my vote. So far Lacky > everyone.
  18. Dolph's sadly isn't posting as much, so he may not get second to some noob like he got in the past. Still don't see how I won it over him, much less guys like Vince... number of posts is sadly part of it, but it's the quality that SHOULD matter around here. So don't count out the rest of the NWO, seeing as how we've stockpiled virtually all of the quality posters around here.
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  19. Such an inaccurate annoying post to read.
  20. The notion that the NWO has stockpiled every or most HQ users on here is very inaccurate. You have collected every user who YOU deem as HQ and who you share believes on what HQ is.
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