Let's give Cena some praise.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Sure, most people hate Cena here and everywhere in the IWC, but isn't he selling this feud damn well?

    I re-watched the Edge opening segment, and wow, Edge was of course phenomenal as always - but Cena I think is selling this well. Over recent weeks he's made himself look so quiet, drawn out, tired, scared and legitimately afraid of Brock Lesnar. He's sold Brock to those casuals who don't know him, the same casuals who have seen Cena overcome numerous monsters already, so why should they care about Brock? But he's done that.

    Normally I'm not a fan of many Cena feuds, but his feud with Rock and now his feud with Brock really drew me in, and no, not just because of those big names returning, but because Cena stepped up to the plate. In my opinion (and I stress that), he out shined Rock, and now he's once again making haters care about this feud. I'm completely clueless on where they're going with it, which is rare, because most IWC members can predict outcomes easily, but they're teasing the character change, getting Edge involved, mentioning his loss to Rock numerous times, articles on WWE.com etc.

    Anyone else agree?
  2. Dude I'm a Cena mark.
  3. It's a shame it's the "cool" thing to do hating John, I don't mind people criticizing his gimmick because imo it's justified but when people shit on him as a performer for no reason beyond his stale gimmick whilst proclaiming themselves as intelligent fans is a facepalm worthy moment. I enjoy his work at times, especially over the past few months because he's been able to cut loose and show he is on the level of Rock on the mic, which I never thought he was. He's sold two big return moments well and even allowed Rock to go over him and let Brock destroy him so far, which for the biggest WWE star earns some respect from me.
  4. I've gotten past the point of disliking Cena, and I think everyone else in the IWC will too in due time. It's the fact that he has been here for over a decade and still strong. Eventually everyone's veteran status catches up with them and they are loved whether a face or a heel. John's problem is, he never left and came back. People just got sick of the same thing over and over and I don't blame them.

    There's nothing to miss and no goals for us to hope he achieves. He is THE man and will be for more time to come. It doesn't get better than that, and people can't stand the fact that nobody else is CAPABLE of taking his place. It would be like trying to re write history and put Piper in Hogan's place. The company would not be what it is without Cena, Austin, and Hogan. It just wouldn't have worked out the same way without them.

    I'd challenge anyone to put another one of today's vets in Cena's place and predict the outcome.
  5. My take on Cena has not changed. The guy is a tremendously hard worker who has a drive and a love for the business that I would challenge anybody in the current or historical product to match. All I've wished for him for the last couple of years is a slight character change to make him edgier. And, actually, with these feuds, I've seen hints of an edgier, more realistic, less cartoonish persona that I really enjoy watching. Coming out as "The Doctor of Thuganomics" to do the rap thing on Raw (in which, yes, he absolutely outshined the Rock....and I'm not a fan of rap), taking the F-5 from Lesnar and the busted lip the next week, the emotion he showed when Edge was talking to him, even the emotion he showed during the contract signing, all of them were fantastic and they all played to his strengths and the strengths of the other guys in the ring. His match with Rocky at Mania was terrific and I have a feeling the brawl he'll have with Brock will be as well.

    I think the IWC takes itself way too seriously when it comes to wrestling and they take things too far when the disrespect John Cena the man.

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  6. Great post Wacokid, liked.

    I find it increasingly hard to dislike John Cena. My head tells me I should boo him cause he's too stale, he wears ridiculous attire, he speaks to the camera in an irritating manor before sprinting to the ring. However I just find it impossible to hate him. He's got a tremendous amount of talent, he's the best mic worker in the company behind Jericho at the moment I would say and whatever people say about his ring work, he's put on some outstanding matches in the last few years.

    He also puts a lot of folk over - often in an unconventional way - Punk for example, he didn't put him over cleanly but he took a battering from him on the mic for weeks, not because he couldn't put up a fight, just because it put Punk over. RVD was another example, at One Night Stand 2006.

    Great work from him so far in this Lesnar fued and he did a decent job in the fued with Rock. Been impressed with Cena since I've returned to wrestling, he's a lot more entertaining than he was a few years ago.
  7. John Cena is my hero and inspiration, 'nuff said. My real dream is to be able to be in the same ring as him.
  8. Cena is a good worker. He is the main guy in WWE right now, he loves the business, he deserves most things he has. But there are a few problems that aren't really his fault. First, his gimmick is stale. What can he do? He's not a booker. It's not that they have to completely change his gimmick, just alter a few details to make it edgier or something. Cena's the top guy in WWE, right? Who's up there with him? Brock, Rock (when he's around), who else on the active roster? No one. And why doesn't WWE use Cena to make new stars? They're afraid. They're afraid that if Cena's star power go, they'll be left with semi active guys to carry the company and they can't do that. Will they risk anything? No. WWE is in the comfort zone, they're still making money and not losing many fans. Cena will continue with his stale face character always at the top and be hated even though he's a talented performer and a good person.
  9. there is a reason Cena is the main guy in the WWE. He is a great performer. Maybe not the best technically in the ring but he is good, not great but good. His mic work and acting is great though and there ain't many who can step it up on the mic with John Boy.
  10. I agree. I just think they should use him to put stars at a level similar to his.
  11. Appreciate your honesty, a lot of people in the IWC hate on Cena to be "cool".
  12. Why?
  13. I don't think it is being cool. Just human nature. He is worshiped by 8-12 year olds. Last time I checked, 12 year olds and 18-34 year olds don't like being labeled as having similar interests. It is the demographic that he appeals to that makes him so unappealing. So I guess in essence, it is trying to be cool, but it isn't done on purpose. It is involuntary, it just occurs when the younger audience is noticed by the older audience.

    Believe it or not, if every little kid began to like Jericho tomorrow, the IWC would disown him fairly quickly.
  14. I doubt it lol. Why? Cuz jericho doesn't wear colorful rainbow T shirts and have a stupid smile on him every segment. The cena in 2006 was still entertaining. back when he was super cena but he was facing overwhelming odds so you wanted to cheer for him. The current face of WWE tends to reflect WWE as a company. 2008-2011 were some of the worst years of WWE and as likely you had John cena representing it. bad product. John cena is an alright guy, but WWE shoves him down peoples throats. Which is much worst considering WWE is in HD so you see an HD picture of the guy instead of the crummy fuzzy picture of austin in the attitude era.

    another thing that makes it worst is that WWE is really bright these days, back in attitude era the arena would be really dark. so it feels like john cena is in your face even more.
  15. Getting your angles and storylines over is what a wrestler is supposed to do. I'm not giving Cena extra praise for that.
  16. John Cena is pretty much hated. Most of the people like to think negatives out of John Cena and tend to forget what he's done for the WWE and for the Wrestling Business. Most of these haters are just a bunch of followers that like to follow other people, once they see someone being hated they just jump on the band wagon. Instead of picking every negatives of a wrestler, why not look into his positives first? John Cena legitimately lives and breathes wrestling. Like said above, try and pick someone in the current roster that could replace Cena with this Lesnar feud and do it amazingly good like that. John Cena should be kept for the big guns as he's a great worker and makes the feuds really interesting. John Cena's done so much for the company, so instead of hating on him just because everyone is, you should praise him every once in a while, atleast.
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