Let's go back to 2011: Christian

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. Around Calculus class today I was thinking of interesting topics of discussion for the forums. (Yeah Calc... where else eh?) One things that drew attention to my mind was Christian in 2011, and how badly the writers just fucked up and just ignored out voice on how Christian should've been in 2011.

    Let us recap?

    So in 2011 after Edge's retirement, Christian was given a shot to win the vacant World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match against Alberto del Rio. Del Rio had assistance from Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez resulting in Edge coming to help Christian to even out the odds, and Christian ended up winning his first World title (In the WWE anyway, he WAS NWA world champ, but lets just forget TNA here). 2 days later, the writers of Smackdown do the unthinkable and just have him lose it to Orton, making this dream title run quick as fuck. Christian would then become a heel and would later win it back at Money in the Bank 2011, however by DQ since it was per the stipulation. Then he would lose it back to Orton at Summerslam, this title reign wasn't really respected since he was written to win by DQ like this. Following this he would just keep begging for one more match as the creative team just slammed him down, a man who had so much potential just like Edge, and then he had to retire due so many injuries.

    So my question... why would WWE do this to Christian? They like buried him and ruined his career from that Smackdown after X-rules 2011. Was it because of Orton or some shit? Or because the creative team actually had no heart for a guy who has been around so fucking long and deserved a nice decently long enough world title run? That ain't right.
  2. Christian was never supposed to be world champion in WWE. He was always seen as a solid hand and a guy who could main event smaller shows like ECW. but he was never world champ material in their eyes. He got the Rey Mysterio treatment in that he got a title run in part due to being someone's friend (Rey with Eddie, Christian with Edge) and in part as a thank you for many a year of service. Vince has always been pretty clear in that he's not that big a fan of Christian without Edge, so much that it leaked into programming back in what, 03? 04? when they traded promos on RAW. Shortly after that Christian left and went to TNA and became a world champion there.

    TLDR: Christian only got his short world title runs because he was the buddy of recently retired Edge.
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  3. Well fuck you too Vince lol
  4. Vince is a control freak. This is the man who hates to sneeze because he cannot control it. So logically he hates having to put people he has not approved of/planned of in prime positions
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  5. Well it's not gonna help your company if you don't try sneezing once in a while.
  6. Try telling that to the world's oddest old man.
    Apparently they are running Rusev vs Lana because Vince thinks Lana is too pretty for Rusev and is trying to get her to leave him in real life as well (Lana and Rusev are engaged to be married).

    So because Vince thinks he can meddle in his employees personal life we are now getting the zero chemistry pairing of Dolph and Lana.
  7. Say what? Come on now, how can someone be that cruel to end their employee's relationship, love is something not to be dampered with...
  8. Simple. You are Vince McMahon. The man who inspired Mr Burns and every cartoon villain out there
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  9. Because Vince doesn't see him as world title material (remember when they wanted to put a blue dot over Christian's face because McMahon in real-life didn't like the way he looked? Yeah...), he sees his relevancy as being a solid worker in the midcard and that's about it. So coming off of Edge's retirement, they created a "feel good" moment where his best-friend Christian finally won the title that he (Edge) was forced to vacate just weeks earlier, but like with Mysterio's "feel good" moment when he won it in 2006, Vince couldn't wait to get the belt off of him afterwards.

    I didn't care much either way, personally. Seeing Christian hold it for a few months before dropping it to Henry himself, or hell, seeing him AT LEAST keep it till Over The Limit or maybe even Capitol Punishment before dropping it to Orton instead of doing it only two measly days later would have been nice, but I enjoyed the Orton/Christian feud immensely overall regardless of any proposed booking imperfections.
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  10. I miss Christian. It's a shame he prolly won't wrestle any time soon, or dare I say again.
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