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  1. Wanted to make a special thread to point out the Let's GO Ziggler chants from last night's crowd. Why? Because a lot of people doubt DZ's overness, and say he only gets pops/cheers from smark crowds. Well guess what? Last night's crowd was as mark ass as a mark ass crowd gets. Huge opening pop for Cena, loved Orton, loved Sheamus, ect ect. And they wanted Ziggler to go. Go where? Idfk. But they wanted him to go there.


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  2. There are actually people who doubt DZ's overness? Well, I suppose King is one of them. I remember No Way Out 2012, Sheamus vs Ziggler. The crowd chanted "Let's go Ziggler!" very loudly - at least that's what it sounded like, until King informed us they were actually chanting "Let's go Sheamus."

    Anyway, it's nice that Ziggler has the fan's faith and support, if not the WWE's. Guy deserves so much more.
  3. lol, I had no idea there was a video of that. Sad thing is, I actually believed King first time I heard it. Probably a lot of other casuals did too.
  4. I remember some outrage on this board when King did that. Not like King has any supporters around here to begin with...
  5. Exactly. Said this in a thread I made a couple days ago regarding WWE's booking of Ziggler. His character may suck, but the dude is over as hell. He needs more spotlight.
  6. Really, because you were one of the people who questioned his overness with casuals lol. In a thread where I suggested a Ziggler face turn you said he only got pops in smark cities.
  7. A face turn for Ziggler is retarded. IF he's continued to be booked like shit, then you think he will be over still? You think smiley Dolph Ziggler jobbing to Kingston is entertaining? You are basing this off one mark city chanting lets go Ziggler. Also, the MAJORITY of his fans are smart males, right? One of the biggest reasons the IWC loves Dolph is because he's entertaining as hell and isn't given a chance. It was why Punk was so damn popular too. Give him his chance to shine as a heel, and he'll do wonders. The segment with Foley is proof of that.
  8. 1.) Chill out
    2.) No, not basing it off of one mark city. I've said Ziggler would be a money face for as long as you've known I existed
    3.) No idea what your point is on "smiley Ziggler" (sounds adorable though)
    4.) Again, no. I am basing it off of the crowd reactions I hear Ziggler get all over. This crowd cheering for him stood out because they were so marky, and people (IE YOU) had said he wasn't over w/ marks
    5.) I'm done here, don't you EVER bring up Punk in my threads, especially one pertaining to DZ. Asshole.
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  9. Gonna rewatch RAW and see who were chanting it. Guarantee most were males, and we all know most male fans are smarks. A mark city doesn't mean no smarks Dolph. But you're done, so we're over that discussion right?


    le wild Punk appears
  10. Who pissed in your cheerios this morning, it literally probably must have been disgusting to eat cheerios w/ piss instead of milk.
  11. I blame Xanth for not being on Skype.
  12. Cornflakes, he likes piss in his cornflakes. :true:
  13. Going to watch RAW now, man this thread is like one giant Testify post.
  14. how so
  15. Because WWE doesn't want to push Dolph because he no good mudder fawker, he need to be humble like Jinder Mahal
  16. the pissed in cheerios and blaming xanth, i meant thread. i laughed. You giving me 15k or what.
  17. Nobody cares if you play or not.
  18. You wish that was true. So many suicides will happen if you dont give me that forum cash.
  19. If I had that much forum cash I still wouldn't give it to you.
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