Lets have a thread just for Logic.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. I dont mind if i'm the only dude posting here, but i know others like CM and Shadow get down on the dude now. Here is thread on an up and coming rapper worth checking into. Dude is signed on Def Jam as of mid2013 and he might not make the radio, but who cares about that bullshit. Logic and Hendersin are my shit, and this is my logic thread, so you reading this, check it out.

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  2. Listened to his song Tic Tac Toe the other day when it was linked. Now, it's apart of my Spotify list and I listen to every song on my Spotify playlist at least twice a day.
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  4. I should really upload videos from his concert. Crowd went wild while I was chilling in VIP.
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  5. hell yeah id be down.
  6. Gotta find my USB. All that shits there. It was wild with all hits from Welcome to Forever. I think the only two other songs he did was The Spotlight and Growing Pains II. Finale was All I Do, literally the first song I heard from him and made me love him.

    Logic is the fucking man and his songs give me great memories.
  7. the end is by far my favorite jam. Such an amazing sample, and so well done. Dude is gonna be big someday, even if its just on the net and in his live shows.
  8. I'll try to upload the videos later, I have a bunch. But here is how it was like when I got there.
    VIP Status, leggo. It's closer than it seems. You'll see after I post the vids.
    Feel Good is literally a radio quality song which means he has what it takes, but probably won't ever end up doing it.
  9. Wait... Is he another Drake? I am not a fan of Drake.
  10. :dafuq: no? Did you check out any of the links?
  11. I have actually heard some of this man and i do enjoy his work.
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  12. I've been interested in Modal logic recently. I've been wanting to write a natural language interpreter for a while that would determine certain aspects of a user based on their posting habits. The interpreter would take a user as input for a social networking site like reddit or digg, and it'll parse the comments and posts to determine certain personality characteristics about the user based on their typing pattern. Any previously determined characteristics will be given a percentage rating, and the interpreter will adjust the algorithm based on the more likely outcome.

    Initially, the algorithm would be developed to log things like their gender, age, sexual preference, religious preference and any other hobbies they may have. But with time, it could be tailored to look for certain aspects to track down people within a certain group.
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  13. [​IMG]
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