Lets have some swerves tonight

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  1. Lets have some swerves tonight

    Daniel winning the WWE title and Randy getting no re match

    Ryback beating CM Punk and then attacks Paul Heyman and gets on the mic saying he dont need him or his gay fantasies and that he is destined for bigger things like going after the WWE title which sets up him vs Daniel Bryan

    Brie winning the divas title and beating AJ with her own new move

    R Truth winning the IC title and ending the boring Axel reign

    RVD wins the world heavyweight title but then Sandow cashes in and wins the title

    The Rhodes brothers beat Seth and Roman but in a secret contract twist they take the tag titles

    Kofi beats Bray Wyatt then Kane returns and destroys Bray and sends him back to where he came from

    What do you think?
  2. None of it happened. Not a single one of them, and we all know why.
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  3. Because creative was playing GTA V instead of doing their jobs.
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  4. None of my ideas happened when really they should. I would do a much better job with being in charge
  5. You? In charge? :urm:
  6. A couple of those are just terrible, like Kofi defeating Bray Wyatt.

    The only one of those I would have enjoyed seeing would be R-Truth winning the Intercontinental Championship. The rest I can do without.
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  8. Fuck off Brock Lesnar Vince Russo Fan For Life.
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