Religion Let's just contemplate that if god did exist.

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by seabs, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Let's say there is a group of devine beings who rule our world, is the visual representation we have correct or did we create it to gain acceptance of the idea or offer support that this being is '' one of us'' so to speak so would always support us when we face issues.

    This idea stemmed from the history of philosophy podcast Wacko recommended (listen to it seriously, it's great) specifically this quote " The Ethiopians say that their gods are flat-nosed and black,
    While the Thracians say that theirs have blue eyes and red hair.
    Yet if cattle or horses or lions had hands and could draw,
    And could sculpture like men, then the horses would draw their gods
    Like horses, and cattle like cattle; and each they would shape
    Bodies of gods in the likeness, each kind, of their own." by Xenophanes
  2. These threads are so risky, so I'm just going to trust the users here. Any signs of stupid arguments about non-related stuff, and it will just have to be closed. But this thread is a great philosophical debate, and I adore philosophy so please don't ruin this.

    Your example is why many spiritualists claim that life above Earth is simply just life. There is no shape to you and no visual representation. They picture it as just light, warmth, and energy. That's one counter-argument to this. Another could be from a Christian aspect that clearly Humans are the super-being on the planet for a reason, and that God drew us in his/her image.
  3. I'll just post one quick thought i always come back to. Those people could see the same god, because man has a flawed body, mind, and (if you believe it) soul, and our perception of what would make our creator great, would be something that most likely looks like we do. We, of course, being the general population in our immediate surroundings.
  4. The one idea I'd love to expand on is the "Human race being superior" say we're all in gods image. Why do we all look so different? Surely god would have to look a certain way, unless every differentiation of us means we represent a different part of god? For example people are split by gender, ethnicity and other physical aspects as god chose to model them off his own body but not just the one part of him. Unsure if I'm talking any sense at all here.

    Another interesting concept is god holds multiple faces, each representative of the differing groups. Then again I suppose it hearkens back to the theory of god being the one man chooses to represent him also, this is the concept I personally believe is most likely to be true, just because we as humans seem to be more receptive to what we see as common to us then what we don't.


    This is a really interesting answer, one question would god also hold those flaws?
  5. No IMO even the bible messes up with explanation past the KJ version of the 80s. God created man in his image, not his likeness. Confusing, understandable, but he/she/it/we/you/they is above the conformed likeness/appreciation of mankind. I dont buy that God loves man and lets shit go down, that just isnt me. He loves mankind and let's all shit go down, no one has spoken to God since Moses, and even that is debatable, considering people existing who have called the future without the positives of having roman catholicism at their backs.

    IMO God is not explainable. There is a reason we were made, this was no accident that turned from blurps of space into man, water, land, and animals. People can disagree and i respect that, but at the same time how can you explain the differences we have? I dont buy the bible 4k of total life bs, there are millions of years, but that is recent biblicism. The only joke i hate on is Mormon because i think it is a crock of shit white people bought into for personal gain, as most aspects of Catholicism and Lutheranism have become over time. Your god is the relationship you have with the supreme being, whether it is mother earth, Buddah, Christ, or whoever. That is what i respect about religion, i cannot cast the first stone (best verses in the bible, imo) because i have no clue what is there, only my opinion on what i hope to see when i am gone. People who think they expire and that is all, great, because i put that into the energy in the Earth idea, where we all are made of the Earth, and after we are gone, we go back into it. No matter which way you put it, again IMO, where we are is no coincidence, and I hope this thread doesnt go LQ with certain members, because id debate my opinion into the ground with religion with anyone i respect as a member. If you disagree with my answer, post, why, then post YOUR OPINION, and we can debate.
  6. I would love to debate, Aids, but I agree with most of what you posted.

    I believe that God (that's the name I use for Him, anyway) is beyond description and understanding simply because our mortal brains could not contemplate His enormity and grandeur. I believe that personal relationship means that you see the aspects of yourself that are like God, thus your view of the Almighty is reflective of what you're most familiar with (I think that's what the ancient philosophers were getting at in the podcast episode you brought up in the OP, IT, but it's escaping my memory at the moment).

    Hence your idea of what God looks like is reflective of what you want God to look like.


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  7. ^good post, debating doesnt meant we have to disagree though. Either way religion is amazing discussion when people of intelligence come together for it, but it depends because i would consider myself educated but quick to stoop to pathetic areas just for the sake of being as harmful as possible, while taking the high road usually gives the intellectual user the same amount of enjoyment. IMO we both end up the same place. The great part about being human is every one of us is so different, but amazingly compatible in certain ways. Seabs :emoji_wink: :smooches:
  8. Usually I tend to get condescending with discussions about supernatural beliefs (or bigfoot/the loch ness monster/etc.) but this time, I'll actually ask a rational question that I would love to hear a plausible answer for:

    All religions with a deity say that not only does this god exist, but that we're all supposed to know that this god exists and we're supposed to worship him and tell others to worship this god. (That means also telling people of other religions that they are worshipping the 'wrong' God.) There's morals having only to do with worshipping and showing praise to this god, and then there are morals having to do with how we interact with each other (don't murder/rape/steal/etc.) And very often, these morals differ largely (especially with the former) depending on what religion we're talking about. And then there's the fact that often, people of the same religion can't even agree on the specifics of their own belief system. The fact that Christianity has so many different denominations, for example, is proof of that.

    So, when taking all this in at once, the question is really this - why doesn't the 'real' God just show himself and prove his existence? That way, people would know a deity existed (and I would think if a deity wanted people to behave a certain way or believe in him, it would prove it's existence to them/us in some way for sure) and people would know which deity existed and there would be no more arguments or debates about it. The idea of being here on earth to worship a god (which is the center of all religions) makes no sense if this deity remains complete absent and allows people to either doubt it's existence completely or be misled into believing in the 'wrong' God, which most all religions say is very blasphemous in itself.

    So, a rational answer as to the obvious hiddenness/absence of a personal God is what I'm asking.
  9. I will disagree with this statement by simply stating that has only been around during the same amount of time your political/forced leaders have told you and others that they also are equated as gods. There are plenty of observational instances you know about without me having to give their names the respect i dont feel they deserve. Man =/= god. Morals are another flawed and failed aspect of man, religion is failed mostly also. Again, man =/= god is my point. We as a people want god to be the most like us. So the richest/most powerful leaders are going to be the ones with the most power to lead the situation which is why Jesus = white in most religions now days, which is laughable for anyone born with common sense. I should state i am WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and while i disagree with certain parts of the message, this is what makes me filled fulfilled as far as my own personal faith goes. I do not expect i spend heaven only with these idiots, i wouldnt be suprised to spend time with a grip of religions, islams, buddhists, etc.

    The real god is above showign himself, and people are far behind the understanding of what God or greater being is, we cant even begin to understand what is happening outside of our universe. I dont know about aliens, but i know the universe is massive and we have very little understanding of what is actually there, besides what science points to, which isnt certain, just nearly certain. I dont demand you worship anything, but i disagree with the idea that a massive boom happened and over time from germ cells here we are, because i fail to grasp the idea. It is the same or maybe less than equal to your concept of their being a massive being or however your portray others views on what God is, but neither are defined with certainty.

    IMO that is the beauty of life, Not knowing makes things so much more interesting.
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