Let's just take a shit on each other's feelings right now.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 8, 2014.

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  1. I know this is one of those types of threads that could get shut down the second it starts up but for the clever ass people like @Dolph'sZiggler & @Dat Kid & @Black Zeus. We need this thread. To just have clever ass shit talking to one another. Let's start this shit.

  2. @JwabHDTV you were acting like a soggy pussy when you figured out i cheated, lol
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  3. This is fun
  4. nice icon douchebag. is samuel L starring in a Slick Rick biopic?
  5. I was actually just messing with you. I still feel like you are Action Jackson, you massive fucking faggot. YOu kept on saying "PLS JWAB! DONT BAN ME!"
  6. Gonna take this thread off track just by mentioning the IWT
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  7. The Loose Cannon is going to shoot your ass, when i come back, haha
  8. Dolph's sucks dong.
  9. not yours :pity1:
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  10. Ya know, I gotta ask DZ, how does it feel to look 16 when you are 22?
  11. 1.) stupendous 2.) I'm 23 now
  12. Well, happy you are getting so close to being an old fag.
  13. Anyone mind if the new guy (that'd be me) joins all you douches (that'd be all of you) in the fun?
  14. psh, so what are you like 14? blow me kiddo
  15. Wow, bro, I thought that was @Aids Johnson job?
  16. Its his duty to cup the balls.
  17. And the blowing you part is just like a part time job for everyone?
  18. All three of them?

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  19. You guys are dicks teaming up on me like this. I'm out of here

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  20. Gay ass jeep. This me and my bitch in my hummer.
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