Let's name Team SuperBestFriends

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. The super bunch need a team name before they go against The Shield. Let's post some funny suggestions.
  2. Team Shit Eating Grins
    Team Bromance
    Team Kick Out
    Team T.N.T (Troll/Neanderthal/Transparent)
  3. The Justice League
  4. The Irish avengers
  5. Ryback and the other two guys
    You can't see the feeding of the white shark
    McMahon personal asslickers
    Uuuuum, I don't know, I'll think more and post them
  6. For all intents and purposes I'll just call them Team Supermen. It's bland and generic, but then again I don't feel like thinking up a name for a team that'll wrestle together once anyway.
  7. Cena, Ginger Cena, and RVD Cena.
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  8. The Three Stooges
    The Cenas
    Team OTO (overcome the odds)
    Team IDWTFOMTVS (I don't want these fuckers on my TV screen)
  9. The Ginyu Force
  10. :no: :NO: :NO:
  11. Team White stains. Team Douche. The Extraordinary group of super ****s. Team PG. Im sure ill come up with more randomly.
  12. ^ I like Team PG.
  13. just like them, very fitting
  14. :lol1:

    Shouldn't it be Los Genericos? :hmm:
  15. Yes :okay:
  16. Way to use spanish, Senhor :lol1:
  17. Better stick to Portuguese :pity1:

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    jk :otunga:
  18. You're right, I don't do too bad though.
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