Let's predict some Special Entrants for the Royal Rumble match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Jan 1, 2013.

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    So the Royal Rumble is coming up soon and it's probably one of the most exciting PPV's there is.

    Let's predict some special entrants that might show up there.

    My List

    - The New Age Outlaws
    - Brock Lesnar
    - The Undertaker
    - John Morrison (Out of the blue, right?)
    - Chris Jericho (If they plan for a Wrestlemania Storyline)
    - Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
    - The Casuals :downer: Like Jim Duggan, Piper, ect.

    Now I'm not saying all of them will be in it. I'm just predicting possible outcomes.
  2. Undertaker to set up a possible WM feud.
  3. Steamboat would be great imo, Y2J should be back imo also I'm doubting Brock will.
  4. I believe he has like 20-25 date's left on his contract? So he should be a regular on TV soon.
  5. Re: RE: Let's predict some Special Entrants for the Royal Rumble match

    But in the Rumble match seems really odd imo.
  6. Undertaker would be a nice one. Otherwise, they have enough guys on the roster to put in the Rumble without resorting to these tired cameos.
  7. This is why I wish the root WWE were going was The Undertaker and Brock.

    What would be kinda interesting is if Brock came out after all entrants and demolished them in the ring and HHH came out and they started brawling in the ring all the way to the back.

    Kind of a teaser for HHH/Lesnar II'

    Since that is the root they are going.

    Would be good and bad imo.
  8. I disagree, last year's rumble didn't have any good ones really and it was pretty weak overall. They don't hurt and I'd much rather see guys like Steamboat than some dull ass jobbers from the roster.
  9. Last year's Rumble was good, but it just lacked star power on another level.
    They really need to have star power and seriously no more casuals. We see them enough on TV and Steamboat still has the capability of putting on a great match.
  10. Shelton benjamin
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  11. Mark Henry perhaps?
  12. Totally forgot about Henry.
    Most likely.
  13. Bob Backlund? :fap:

    I also prefer returning legends to random jobbers who we know aren't going to win anyway. And I'm not sure Steamboat can still wrestle, didn't he suffer some sort of injury back in 2010 which stopped him from competing?

    Mark Henry is a nice shout.
  14. No Backlund please.
    Sorry Leo.
  15. :sad1: But why?
  16. Ain't nobody got time for that!

    No, because I want Star Power and Backlund isn't. :dawg:
  17. Well, I guess that's true.

    But didn't you suggest Steamboat? I don't think he'd be much star power tbh.
  18. 16 time 16 time world champion Wooooooooooo
  19. I thought of that, but then I was like... "He's retired" and am like, I don't want this.:sad1:
  20. Re: RE: Let's predict some Special Entrants for the Royal Rumble match

    Flair has spent more time retired than active lol. Didn't he first lose a retirement match in the 80s?
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