Lets predict the MITB winners.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Well since nobody seems to care about Payback (outside of the Punk return) and it's a boring Tuesday night, lets make a generic thread predicting who's going to win Money in the Bank this year. (Assuming there will there be 2 MITB Winners this year.)

    I'll call Randy Orton and Big E Langston. Your turn.

    EDIT: Sheamus over Orton just to jinx him. Fuck Sheamus.
  2. Antonio Cesaro and Ryback? Have been saying Cesaro for a long time.
  3. I would've said Ryback but he's getting his push now.

    Knowing my luck it'll be Sheamus and the Miz
  4. I suppose I'll go with Curtis Axel and Randy Orton, assuming one of them would wrestle for Smackdown's.
  5. Three likely choices for me are Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. I know some will argue that Ryback has a push going on already and that Orton isn't exactly a new guy to push to the world title picture, but money in the bank can also be about finding a way for guys to make it back into the main event. You can't expect two brand new guys to be pushed hard to the main event every year and there's two briefcases to go around anyway.

    So, I can totally picture Ryback winning the briefcase for either title. Would be a good follow up to his feud with Cena for him, since he'd go right into another guaranteed title shot that he could grant himself at any time for the next year. I can easily picture him carrying the briefcase for awhile too, always taunting that he could decide to cash in at any moment.

    Daniel Bryan is on a mission to prove his worth and winning the briefcase and having a one year shot at a championship is a way to certainly boost his confidence.

    Randy Orton said in an interview that he wants to reclaim one of the world championships, which might be a clue that WWE is preparing to push Orton back towards the top. The company sometimes has guys mention things in interviews in non-kayfabe ways to throw hints at people of future things happening.
  6. raw daniel bryan
    Smackdown mark henry
  7. WWE Title: Randy Orton
    WHC: The Miz
  8. WWE title: Orton or Bryan
    WHC: The Miz or Cody/Sandow/Cesaro, maybe Punk for the fuck of it.
  9. SmackDown will probably be Big E and Raws could be bork
  10. I'd love to see Barrett win the SD briefcase and Bryan to take the RAW one. I think Orton will get one of them though.
  11. Raw :Rhodes
    SD!: Rhodes
    ECW: Rhodes
    Divas: Rhodes
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  12. Raw: D-Bry
    SD: Ziggler
  13. Put me down for Bryan for the WWE title one.
  14. Cesaro is a candidate now that he has a mouthpiece like Zeb.
  15. Raw: Daniel Bryan.
    SmackDown: Ziggler or Cesaro.
  16. WWEC: Daniel Bryan
    WHC: Wade Barrett
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  17. I wish, sadly they've given up on Wade now.

  18. I agree. I picked Wade to win a briefcase two years ago (when DB won it) and thought he would have been a candidate last year if not for the injury.. but I can't picture it happening this year.
  19. Don't think so. Because looks like they like to job out MITB winners before MITB. Like Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger. Also I think they didn't give up on him.
  20. WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan
    AS for the World Heavyweight championship, there are so many choices. I see Cesaro getting it, I see Sandow or Rhodes, or maybe even Orton. It's hard to choose this one.
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