Let's reinvent the tag-team division right here.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Who would you pair as a tag-team and why?

    My opinion:

    Rey Mysterio & Alberto Del Rio: Both Mexican wrestlers, Rey could be used perfectly to turn Alberto Del Rio into a face (which he needs). Both are very good in the ring, I really want this to happen.

    Ryder & Bateman: They can become a modern day Edge & Christian in my opinion. Both have that goofy gimmick which is badly needed. Slop on some coloured attire and coloured sun glasses and you got yourself a great team.

    Reks & Hawkins: These guys are the best tag-team in WWE in my opinion (minus Epico & Primo, I love those guys). No idea why they're jobbing on NXT. Great chemistry, above-average mic skills, give them a decent gimmick and they'd go far.
  2. Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu can make a good team, yo! Bitch!
  3. I like your new "yo! Bitch!" gimmick.

    I think they lack the mic skills to get anywhere if I'm honest. Nice to see you post more btw.
  4. Meh, to be honest, I'm not astonished by Epico or Primo. I wouldn't mind watching them job on NXT over A-Ri.

    Team: A-Ri and Kofi - Two midcard faces. Kofi's good in the ring and Riley can do mic work.

    Team: Del Rio and Rey - Like you said, Mexican wrestlers. Rey with a high fly style and Del Rio with more of a technical wrestling type of thing.

    Team: Bateman and Ryder - To be honest, this is cringeworthy but I wouldn't mind watching it happen.

    Team; R-Truth and Miz - Two great psychotic heels talking about the "conspiracy" against them. Target fans and get major heat.
  5. CraYO! I got a question for you holmes.
    Why do you have the Friendly Award, yet you are straight-edge, Yo! Bitch!
  6. It symbolizes friendship. :kiss:
  7. -Tyson Kidd and Trent Baretta, this team is going to happen and should be a lot of fun, but Baretta's injured.

    -Either Truth or Santino & Funkasaurus: PG can be entertaining too, would be such an awesome idea if Vince wasn't senile

    -Zack and Zeke: Catchy names are always a plus, and somehow you just get the feeling that this would work.

    -Gabriel and Khali: Size/speed combinations work well, gives Gabriel something to consistently do, and only have Khali work part of a match.

    -Swagger and Mcintyre: If Drew's going to have a playboy gimmick, the first lady to fall for him would probably be the easily-impressed Vickie Guerrero. Would be a nice way to break away Dolph from this silly stable as well.

    -Call up FCW Guys: The Dibiase Brothers, Evan Bourne and Tyler Black, Yoshi Tatsu and Jiro, Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan...
  8. Not sure most of those would cut it. Santino and Funk would definitely, perhaps Gabriel and Mcintyre, but those won't reinvent the division I don't think.

    Need some big names mixed with some good chemistry teams with gimmicks.
  9. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.
    So much win in that tag team with their Lucha-Libre styles.

    Justin Gabriel and Kofi Kingston
    Both high flyers, and very entertaining to watch

    Rhodes and Ziggler
    That team wouldn't be as entertaining to watch since they aren't high flyers, but they would completely dominate for awhile.

    Alex Riley and the Miz
    Them two would be putting boots to asses for quite a while as well.
  10. Well, there isn't much you can do other than use smallish names right now, they have to keep the ME scene and mid-card fresh too.

    The easy one is Barrett and Rhodes, they already have shown that they have chemistry, but they both have better things to do as well.
  11. Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio would be like MVP and Matt Hardy from years ago. They'd attempt to out-due one another, while one is heel and the other is face. Alberto will be bullying Rey pretty badly, but they'll get along and win a tag team titles.

    Christian/Miz - ONE MORE MATCH! GIVE ME A MATCH!
  12. Christian and Miz is interesting, they'd be so entertaining it's unreal.
  13. Sheamus and Barrett. UK stable with William Regalas their manager
  14. Barrett needs to be in the main event, he's too good.
  15. Riley & Truth

    Ziggler & Rhodes

    Gabriel & Kofi

    Could all work out, I like tag teams with both wrestlers who have almost the same physique.

    I like this one, already had it in WWE 12 too.
    Cool anyway!
  16. Riley & Truth could be a new improved version of the awesome "Awesome Truth". Riley would need a heel turn though.
  17. I would like them more as a face team..
    Riley & Truth were heels for a while..
    So it's time to be face imo.
  18. Kidd and Baretta would be good both have great kicks and have a lot of pace and they have shown great chemistry in their matches against each other so i think that can transpire into tag team
  19. Yeah indeed, but still they have to go over as a tag team.
    Will not happen soon imo.
  20. Truth is just too boring as a face, he really is. I loved his heel run, he got so much heat. Even now every time he gets a mic it's "what" chants all day. Riley is a natural heel too.
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