Let's say Ambrose does debut...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Let's say he does make an appearance on Tuesday's live SmackDown, how would you book his feud with Foley? Not just for that night, how would you start it, what would the matches be, what promos and how would it end?

    Let's see some creativity.
  2. Live SD. Mick is in the carpark about to leave, he gets attacked from behind by a mysterious figure. The man turns to the camera and says "You will all fear my name" SD ends.

    Week 2 - Ambrose cuts a promo introducing himself, then he talks about how he's sick of these old guys claiming all the spotlight and it's time for Dean Ambrose to show the world who the true legend is.

    Week 3 - Have Ambrose squash a jobber, then repeatedly bounce the jobbers head off an exposed turnbuckle. Mick runs out they brawl, ending with Mick clotheslining Dean.

    ER - They have an unannounced Parking lot brawl which ends with Ambrose hitting a piledriver on the floor. Play Foley up as in critical condition.

    Week 5 - Ambrose gets promo time talking about how he broke the unbreakable man, the man who took multiple falls from the top of the Cell.

    Week 6 - Mick returns and cuts a promo about how he can't do it anymore, he's never going to be cleared to compete again in a wrestling match. Ambrose interrupts bragging about how he's ended the lively hood of the legendary Mick Foley, then he begins to taunt Mick offering his jaw to be hit, Foley hesitates so Ambrose moves away and says Mick knows that he shouldn't touch Dean and if he does he'll break his neck this time, the last shot was simply a warning.

    Week 7 (Raw) - Ambrose brags again about how he destroyed Foley, ending his lively hood. Mick Foley then comes out in the cactus Jack gear, attacks Ambrose then cuts a promo saying "Mick Foley may never be cleared to wrestle again but Cactus Jack is always cleared to fight, so they'll fight it out in a match where there are no rules. They'll battle until neither man can stand.
    (SD) - Ambrose is backstage talking about how Mick thinks he can scare him by bringing back the old gear but he knows he's nothing near what he used to be.

    OTL - Ambrose beats Foley again after a back suplex through the announce table. Make it a true battle, possibly letting at least Dean blade.

    Not sure on the rest yet.
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  3. So. Much. Win.
  4. @ 1st i thot u mean "amber rose"
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