Let's say Bryan does win MITB...

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  1. And goes into the feud against Cena. Will WWE go with face vs face? They've been teasing Bryan being really cocky lately, and I could easily see the writers writing angles where it looks like Bryan is the heel. Since the casual fans don't seem to have understanding on when someone is just being a character, and not specifically heel/face, I can see him getting heel reactions from the casuals. Not really what they want.

    If they go face vs face, do you think they'll genuinely give him the belt? Or is it another feud to put Cena over?
  2. Turning Bryan heel would be the easiest route but it would be more beneficial to keep him a face so going with a face vs face feud would be best. If they went with a face vs face feud I could see them genuinely giving Bryan the belt.
  3. Face/face is the way it'll be. Bryan might have an extra dose of cockiness - which I'm hating because it makes me think they'll job him and use the loss as a way of Bryan being humbled and realizing he's not ready to win the big one just yet - but the fans won't boo him and I'm hoping WWE doesn't use this as a way of making it look like Cena is literally giving someone an "attitude adjustment" by defeating them.

    If he DOES win the belt, regardless of how cocky he is or isn't, I think it could be an Edge-like interference similar to what happened at One Night Stand 2006, where a guy who has beef with Cena comes and cost Cena the belt but does it more so to hurt Cena than help his opponent. That was how baby face RVD become champ there, and then RVD went into a feud with Edge himself before dropping the belt to him and fucking off (because of getting caught with drugs in real life), leaving the feud to be between Cena/Edge. With Bryan, whoever costs Cena the belt, I could see Bryan entering into a feud with them afterwards because of Bryan being pissed that he cost him the chance of a lifetime to prove he could defeat the #1 star John Cena cleanly. I don't know who would defeat Bryan for the belt but hopefully he wouldn't drop it as soon as RVD did (to be exact, RVD was supposed to have the belt longer but the drug charges forced them to take it from him.)

    I mentioned in another thread about this story line possibly having Vince doubt that Bryan can prove he is one of the big dogs of his company and also doesn't even want him to win anyway. if anything, he looks forward to Bryan losing to John Cena to prove his point. Triple H argues otherwise, believing that Bryan can indeed pull off a victory and show that he's worthy of holding the same belt that so many greats have held over the years. He could even say to Cena that no offense, but he wants Bryan to win for that very reason. Remember at the 2005 Rumble when Raw GM Eric Bischoff came down to ringside and started cheering on a Raw guy to win, and the Smackdown GM Teddy Long came down to ringside to cheer for a Smackdown guy to win? I could see Vince and Triple H doing the same thing here in the last ten minutes or so of the match (or hell, maybe they're in their respective corners for the whole match.) Maybe the semi-dirty finish with Bryan winning is Vince trying to interfere on Bryan's behalf but he hits Cena or accidentally trips him or something, allowing Bryan to seize the moment and become champion. I'd be fine with that sort of finish, because the only reason Vince would likely interfere in the first place is if it looked like Bryan might have the match won and his interference only ends up costing Cena further.

    Either way, I'm hoping if he wins the strap, they go with a mostly clean victory. I don't see him making Cena tap but some sort of pin fall variation is something I'd be fine with, maybe a small package since it's my understanding that was his finisher in ROH (would be a nice wink wink to his ROH fans who have been following him for years.)
  4. I don't know, if you asked me that right after he beat Orton I would've probably said face/face for sure, but given how he's being booked now I'm really not sure, if I had to guess I'd say face/heel at this point. If they do go face/face it'd make sense for DB to win, but I'm really not sure.
  5. inb4 Ryback interferes
  6. I think Cena would lose the title to Bryan and then Cena would regain it in the rematch. Then in his rematch, Bryan would win the title again and Cena loses his rematch but wants another match so the feud continues.
  7. I think Cena would lose the title to Bryan and then Cena would regain it in the rematch. Then in his rematch, Bryan would win the title again and Cena loses his rematch but wants another match so the feud continues.
  8. How will there be a Cena/Bryan feud after Henry wins the belt on Sunday?
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  9. It should be a face/face feud and Bryan MUST win clean. For me this is the last chance for fu*king Cena to put someone over him clean.
    He has been buying talented superstars for the last 5 years, but now it's Bryan..If he does somehow bury him, it will be beyond ridiculousness.
  10. probably this. Lockhards post makes sense, it will probably be face vs face with a random Ryback in the match/outside the ring....DB will scoop the title, and Ryback will feud with Cena after? I expect DB to win, face Cena and Ryback in a 3 way match, win again, and they drop off to face each other for a month/few while DB faces (wishful thinking) Lesnar before the Rumble.
  11. He seems to be going back to the exact persona he had after he won the WHC.
  12. If Bryan wins I want Punk vs Bryan at WM 30 as a unification match. With Taker vs Cena being match before.

    This is after they both win the required titles.
  13. I'd actually love to see this match. Especially with the whole ''weak link'' thing. It's over but he's still a lot more agressive in the ring despite the fact he isn't talking about being the weak link anymore. I think face vs face would be the best option though because as babyfaces they can draw huge reactions & Bryan winning the WWE title would be a huge thing and Bryan would be getting a push again.
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