Let's say yesterday's RAW was two hours

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  1. What would you axe to lose the final hour? Then rate what you have remaining out of 10. For example, I'd remove the divas match, and probably just change ADR/Sin Cara to a small face to face promo between Dolph and ADR. Hard to say (or is a lot of effort) how much you need to remove to have just two hours, but just do it roughly.

    I honestly think if WWE removed the small bits of filler they HAVE to put on due to the 3 hour timeslot, then RAW could be one of the best wrestling products around right now. Shows like last night, and like the other 4 RAW's we've had recently, you would have a really improved product than what it was 2 years or so ago.
  2. I agree. If they were able to fit most of that into 2 hours and save the smaller feuds for Smackdown, RAW would be a lot more entertaining.
  3. The smaller stuff can be cut, like the RVD video packages that just got redundant. Save the GM stuff for another week, maybe move Jericho/Axel to Smackdown?

    A 2 hour Raw would have been a 9/10. Only complaint about the show was the 3 hours, even the Divas' match was fine as a buffer to calm us down after Wyatt awesomeness
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  4. I'd move the divas match, Jericho/Axel, Reigns and Rollins/Tons Of Lard, the AJ/Ziggler backstage segment with them kissing and the Ziggler/Del Rio/Sin Cara match to Smackdown.

    Basically, this is what I'd keep, in mostly the same order:

    -Vickie Guerrero segment with her on the ladder
    -RVD video package of him winning the Wrestlemania 22 MITB briefcase
    -Bryan/Sheamus match
    -WWE's reporter searching for the Wyatt Family members
    -Video package of Mark Henry's career
    -The John Cena and Mark Henry confrontation. This is a natural transition from the Henry video package that we saw a few moments ago.
    -After the commercial break, we see the reporter inside the Wyatt Family house and afterwards, the commentary team hypes up the WHC MITB match and then we see the segment backstage between Fandago/Barrett/Caesro/Swagger/Rhodes/Sandow, that ends with Fandango getting socked in the jaw by Barrett. The announcers then hype up the Job Evaluation segment for up next.
    -Vickie Guerrero gets fired and then Brad Maddox is named as her replacement for the new General Manager of Raw.
    -RVD video package from October 2002 on Raw.
    -Vince consoling Vickie backstage
    -Kane and Christian match, leading to the Wyatt Family debut
    -RVD video package of him winning the IC Title ladder match with Christian in September of 2003.
    -Orton/Punk main event.

    I know all of this means only three matches (all matches connected to the All Stars MITB match, though) but I kept all the important stuff that almost needs to be on Raw - the RVD video packages make sense because he's in the All Stars match that's being hyped here on Raw and Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Raw and so it only makes sense that her being fired would be showcased on Raw as well. However, for the sake of not going almost an hour and a half between matches, MAYBE you could switch the Job Evaluation with something like the Del Rio/Sin Cara match with Ziggler interrupting, but again, I think it only makes sense to have Vickie get judged for her performance as General Manager and also lose her job on the show that she's the GM of (or as mentioned, move it to the next week.) All of this, as it is, is still pushing that two hour and five minute limit.
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  5. How awesome would that RAW be though? A weekly product like that would be VERY solid.
  6. when Raw went 3 hours i loved it but these past few weeks i have been watching raw and getting bored after an hour or so, so i think they should axe pointless matches and transfer them to smackdown
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