Let's stay optimistic.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. This clusterfuck period after Wrestlemania is pretty consistent each year, just this year it's a lot worse than usual. RAW is nearly the worst it's ever been judging by most people's opinion here, but it can only get better after Summerslam. I think it's pretty obvious we'll be seeing Dolph Ziggler win MITB. I think it's highly likely Punk/Bryan will continue to feud - I hope so anyway.

    Plus, there's the ever-so-typical summer storyline which may or may not be happening due to Big Nose feuding with Lesnar. But that's just an average feud, I'm optimistic that we'll see a big breakthrough storyline now.

    Bear through the shit which is RAW at the moment and look forward to what's to come :emoji_slight_smile:.
  2. I just heard rumors that they are moving Big Show into a WHC feud with Sheamus. :upset:
  3. It's true. http://www.pwmania.com/artman/backstage-big-show-news-night-of-champions-teaser-trends-aw

    And it seems fairly obvious that Kane will face Punk to continue the AJ Storyline and the MITB match(es) will just be randomly thrown out there with no build, as that's how Creative does things now.

    Boy, I can't wait for TNA's Ratings to improve... maybe make some people backstage at WWE give a fuck about the current product.

  4. And to think this couldn't get any worse :urm:

    Such a borefest recently. I'm not usually one to hate on Cena but its really gotten to the point now that I can't fucking stand him. The shows too wrapped around him and his opponent of the month, rather than the entirety of the roster. Plus, Big Show, man, I've been bored of him for a long ass time. He's actually made me hate every single person he's worked with recently. Not even an overstatement, every single feud he's been in has put me off of the wrestler he's worked with.

    I'm optimistic, but at the same time I'm really skeptical. I honestly hope that WWE continues to go down in stocks and viewership and starts to do some real shit. Actually make the show WATCHABLE (I've barely sat through a RAW in the last 7 weeks).
  5. Everytime I watch Raw I feel like I'm being trolled. I'll keep watching, but if they don't get their shit together everyone is eventually going to Impact Wrestling.
  6. Now I think about it, this is actually a good thing. If Sheamus isn't fueding with Bryan, Ziggler or Jericho his fueds are unbearable and I just skip his segments. Big Show's fueds with anyone are unbearable. So this means that there is only the one fued that they will be involved in, which is a great thing for those of us who can fast forward.

  7. Good. Now I can just completely skip the segments between those.

    Hell yeah.

    John Cena is open, summer storyline anyone? Whoever feuds with Cena is in the main event, Punk is busy with Kane or Bryan. Perhaps Bryan vs Cena? FUCK YES. Optimism people. Shit feuds don't last forever.
  8. Wasn't that rumoured at some point pre mania, D Bry vs Cena.

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  9. To all you out there 3 words.
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  10. Sad fact, all of those channels were weekly recaps of Raw in the future
  11. I'm always optimistic.
  12. Exactly how I feel. Whenever I watch RAW, I feel like I'm getting trolled.
  13. Don't worry gyts it always gets worst before it gets better.
  14. Well, I'll keep watching it. It's not like I have many other things to do. But yesterday's Raw... wow. I'm pretty sure things will get better soon. And yes, Bryan vs Cena was mentioned before Wrestlemania somewhere.
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