Lets talk about HBK

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by martyjannetty39, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. I agree the kid had moves, but he only got pushed over because of the steroid contreversy. Vince moved to bret and shawn after the hogan days. They could have gone luger but they didn't for the juice alone.
  2. Luger kind of lost steam around mid-1993. They probably should of given him the belt at Summerslam but they wished to drag it out to Wrestlemania, but Bret was the one picking up the bigger reactions at that point. Vince also tried to go with Diesel to fill in his "Big Man" role but we saw what that got us: the worst drawing WWF Champion of all time (not coincidentally, 1995 was also the worst year financially for WWF.)
  3. Agreed on all accounts. I knew Diesel would be brought up here. They also pushed Sid later on. Just saying they went from the Hogans and Warriors to Hart and HBK. Also later Stone Cold. This wasnt done by accident. There were trials about steroids where Hogan testified in the mid 90's. Vince made that change for a reason
  4. I guess, but you can't deny he is talented as hell.:otunga:
  5. I could never deny that HBK is a legend. As far as charisma goes Top 3 are in no order Hogan, HBK, Flair.
  6. Who doesn't my brother!
  7. HBK is Mr. Wrestlemania. He was the straw that stirred the drink in the 90's and the best on the mic and in the ring at that time IMHO.
  8. He was not the best on the mic at all bro. Austin and the Rock were better than him. Yea he was great on the mic, but the best is a stretch. He was better than Bret and Diesel, but that means nothing really.
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  9. I thought we were talking about at the time when it was between HBK LUGER and HART. Vince picked the right guy and HBK is the best wrestler/performer of all time.
  10. Okay yea my bad. Of those guys clearly he was the best all around. It's hard for me to say he is the best of all time, but I could say he is most well rounded of all time.
  11. Yeah the best wrestler is really just my opinion and you may value some aspects more than I do and vice versa. As long as you're enjoying wrestling than it's cool with me.
  12. HBK was one of the best of all time.

    He had some ''issues'', was a bad guy, but he came out good in the end. Glad, though.. Could've ended worse for him.
  13. True brother, I just tend to rate Hogan and Flair higher for bringing wrestling to the mainstream and ending the territory days, but Shawn would be 3 for me.
  14. I will agree with Flair to the fullest. Hogan is iffy with me because he was so great but later in his career and even now i've almost ashamed to be his fan.
  15. No I hear ya man. Hogan let me down in rescent years. I was into taking vitamins and saying prayers becuase of him. Clearly he was not seroious about any of that. However, he did make wrestlemania what is today.
  16. Good old Hogan's vitamines:

    Show Spoiler
  17. shawn is the greatest in ring performer of all time. his best matches are second to none. when he broke through in singles competition he was the best on the mic as well. austin and rock came along and were clearly better but he is still in the top tier as far as promos are concerned
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