Lets talk about Mr.Excitement

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jeff Hardy, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. So how do you guys feel about Johnny running both shows now? Is it good,bad, SUCK, or do you care?

    Me, I think it's stupid Teddy would do a better Job then Johnny. Just saying ,but how bout you guys?
  2. There's a lot of Johnny fans on here lol. I think he's fantastic. He's such a natural heel, people just LOVE to hate him. Teddy Long has never entertained me to be honest. Mr Excitement is the opposite of exciting, poor on the microphone, has terrible facial expressions and is naturally awkward, but that makes him so fantastic to watch. Plus, a heel GM is always fun.

    The user Randy Savage will agree with you though, he hates Johnny Ace :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Yeah I'm the same as Crayo, Johnny has nothing to like which makes me like him for some reason, he's a natural troll. Also we apologize for the user Randy Savage in advance as he may drop his famous pipebomb at some point near you.
  4. I really like the 'heel' thing he does, weird tag/squash matches. But to me it's just a vacation or break for Teddy. The guy has been on Smackdown for so many years, he deserves some time off. I'm really looking forward to see that Mr. Exitement has in store for us.
  5. [​IMG]

    Johnny Ace is the best. And not because he sucks, like the retards above me say. He is the best because he's the damn best.
  6. Off topic - but why hasn't Savage's pipebomb been made a smiley yet? :sad:

    Oh, and Ace is god.
  7. Admit it - he's good accidentally.

    Unless he tries to botch at the most crucial times. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I must admit though his whit and troll credentials are completely intentional, his twitter updates are proof of that. He does have talent.
  8. Johnny is just so fun to watch. He's amazing at what he does. He's been doing a great job to be honest, this is way better than Triple H running RAW like the baboon he is. Johnny makes interesting segments and is actually gold on the mic. His smirk when he does something is also amazing, he's just naturally great. I'm glad that he runs SmackDown, it's making SmackDown more interesting and enjoyable. I've never liked Teddy and think he's a fool but he's worked with SmackDown for a very long time so I guess you can call it a break/vacation. Johnny is just very enjoyable.
  9. I'm just saying He's trying to get rid of his 2 big money makers Cena and Punk. Teddy wouldn't do that.
  10. He's not he's giving them a heel (bad guy) to go against, that will probably make them more money than Teddy would tbh.
  11. Got to remember it's a character and a story-line :emoji_slight_smile:. The writers want Cena to go up against Brock for money (PPV buys), so they'll do that by using a hated general manager with all the power in the world, IE, Johnny :emoji_slight_smile:.
  12. It's a part of the storylines. They would never let that happen to their money makers. Their money makers is what makes WWE bigger. They make money for the WWE. It's just story-lines just to make feuds. The wrestlers making money is what helps the company run. If the stars wasn't making the money for the wrestling company, who would? Teddy wouldn't do that because he's a face. A face is a good guy if you wish to put it into that context and the heels are the bad guys. The main objective is to get the face's to be with the crowd and the heels to get the crowd to go against them. So many heels make WWE money, aswell. Take Daniel Bryan for example, he's already sold out his shirts that where released on Friday. They're making money, either way you look at it.
  13. Ace's bit with Shemus at the start of smackdown...

    Comedy gold

  14. I've maintained all along that he is playing his character to perfection. If he were just a boring bumbling moron it wouldn't come off so perfect, and any hack could play the part, which clearly isn't the case. :ace:


    Literally the only decent part of Smackdown IMO. Ace trolling Sheamus every week is going to be sweet.


    Literally the only decent part of Smackdown IMO. Ace trolling Sheamus every week is going to be sweet.
  15. HE FUCKIN SUCK! WROST GM EVER! Can't even said his name for fuck sed he suck end of story case closed! Teddy Long was WAY FUCKIN BETTER! As he was the BEST GM EVER! Why get rid of the BEST GM EVER FOR A DUMB ASS LIKE JOHNNY?! WWE FUCK DUMB!
  16. Lay off the caps. I know you want to be exciting like Johnny Ace, but you will never be that cool.

  18. He has been the best GM to WWE since Eric Bishoff.
  20. I quite liked Regal's run tbh, but that could just be me being a mark.
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