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So this is something ive been thinking about today, and figured there was no better place to discuss it then right here. So lets jump right in.

Lets talk about Roman Reigns.


So, At Wresltemania, we were at a point, atleast a decent portion of fans were at the point were we knew Roman was finally gonna win, and while we didnt like it, we had accepted it, and while not everyone was like this, the point remains that one way or another, fans wanted to move onward to the next chapter. We knew that at the very least this multi-year storyline was finally gonna end, Roman was gonna slay the beast and we would finally move on. Onward to whatever the next chapter was, because this was it, we all knew it, we all expected it. and weither we liked it or hated it, we just wanted to move on.

And then, WWE decided to make one of many mistakes. In their infinite wisdom, they decided to swerve fans just for the sake of swerveing us, atleast thats what it felt like. Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns, it confused us all. And so this seemingly never ending chapter continues.

Now we have our sights set on the GRR, where we feel now will finally be the end of the story and Roman will say the beast once and for all. In a match he wasnt even supposed to have.. more on that later.

We thought, "Aha! ofcourse! this is where it all ends! this is the best case scenario for roman winning! these fans will go nuts for roman! finally this seemingly endless story will end!" But once again, we were fooled. And roman lost again, even though he clearly won, because fate.. (Vince) says, Roman loses to Brock. Once again we assume Roman will win, we assume this is finally over with, and now once again. Roman fails against Brock Lesnar.


Now, after failing at Wrestlemania, after failing at GRR, Roman now spends his Monday nights complaining that he was screwed out of a match he never should have had, and wines about the company being against him. Any bit of credability is gone, any hope for the future nearly shattered, and now hes in a fued nobody knew they didnt want.

And yet, here we are, the same old chapter of "Will roman one day slay the beast?" still remains, the commentators continue to act like Roman is the face of the company, and roman is treated like the main event...atleast when he shows up... more on that later.

And then if none of this was bad enough, Roman was the main event of Backlash..Not Shinsuke vs AJ, Roman is appearntly more important then the WWE title, because hes still roman reigns.

So, what am i saying? whats my point?

My point, is WWE continues to make mistake after mistake with Roman, again and again, We were ready to move on from lesnar because we want a champion who shows up every week, and instead they swerve us for the sake of it, or because they really hate punk. Either way. Then they swerve us again in a match he didnt even earn or was supposed to have, (Sorry heyman, even you couldnt sell that story) and now they make roman complain like a petty loser because he lost a match he should have won, but its a match he shouldnt have even had in the first place, they make him have a rest hold city match with joe as the MAIN EVENT of a PPV and put roman above the WWE championship. and now hes fueding with jinder of all people, and this endless storyline of can roman defeat lesnar seems to be continueing for who knows how long.

None of this is even bringing up the fact Romans MAIN ARGUEMENT against lesnar was the fact he is ALWAYS there... the way...where was roman on monday?....oh right, he was celebrateing his birthday.....yeah..his birthday, because we all know since he is roman reigns, he can go home to celebrate his birthday and not work like everyone else always does. But since hes roman.. its okay.

I mean, its not like he just got through complaining that Lesnar isnt there all the time but he is always there......Yeah, pretty sure he didnt say that....nope.....

.....more on that later.


Roman Reigns is in a tough spot, i honestly feel sorry for him, he has been booked in such a way that pulling him out of the grave WWE have dug him in would be a miracle for the ages. So it all begs the question, how do we save Roman Reigns? is it as simple as turning him heel? is it letting him finally beat Lesnar? Honestly everyone has their own theories and each one valid, the answer to this problem is not a simple one, its not something one person can figure out, nor is it something that can work over night.

Roman Reigns has had great matchs with bruan, and his match with cena was good, he can have good matchs, and as Cena shown, he can be great on the mic. The potential for Roman to be the star Vince wants him to be is there, but the way WWE has handled it is burying roman in ways he may never recover from. think about it, he said hes ALWAYS there and then when his birthday comes up he leaves, he literately just invalidated his own words! and heck! he wines about loseing a match he should be GREATFUL he even had! Hes contradicting himself, wineing about the company being against him when they gave him an additional title shot he didnt even earn, and acts like he is the face of the companey despite everything thats happened!

Who in their right mind would write and book that kind of crap for him? why make him say these things that make no sense? All these makes are only making matters worse for him, and PLOT TWIST! its already pretty bad as is already.

I dont have the answers to these questions, but im confident they are out there. In truth, i feel sorry for Roman, even if he is the face of the company in the companys eyes, there isnt really anything he can do, its his job afteral.

As for my own persoanl thoughts on Roman Reigns as a WWE Superstar, i think he can have good and sometimes great Matchs, his matchs against Braun were great, and Cena was pretty good, but Joe was probably the worst match hes ever been in. And as for his mic skills, only Cena i feel could bring the best out in him. The only other time he was that good was in a heel promo he did in NXT. Just Search Roman heel preview in youtube, you'll find it.

I dont know how i would fix roman, my guess would be a heel turn, seeing as he can clearly be a great heel. Who knows, maybe Stone Cold was right, only time will tell.

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Roman was destined to slay the beast. He has dedicated the last 4 years to it. But he failed. The so called face of the company failed. I think that's really interesting. Since then Roman has bitched and moan about.

If this doesn't result in a Roman heel turn then that's idiotic. But if he does then fair play WWE because I think the motivations behind a Roman heel turn is really good. Especially if Seth was able to do what Roman couldn't and slayed the beast. Feels like a really good heel turn on paper.

But thats if they turn him heel.
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Terminator Oscillator
I would rather eat a bowl of live termites than discuss the generic,
boring action figure that Vince McMahon has a hard on for.

This entire situation is killing the WWE...

There are no positives...
There are no answers...
There are no fixes...

The WWE need to make Seth Rollins the
"Top Guy" as soon as possible.

End of Subject & Story.

Solid Snake

ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛᴇ ᴄᴀᴛ ʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀ
Yeah at this point, keeping him face is just wasting him and making sure fans don't get behind him.
Turn the dude heel. Let him just go around wrecking things. He don't need to be in the title picture to be a big deal...
If only they'd book him right.

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