Let's talk Jeff.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jeff Hardy, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Anyone think that it's possible that Jeff Hardy will return to the WWE? Soon or in a while?
  2. He'll be back eventually, I'm sure.
  3. I really think Jeff Hardy will be bouncing around from TNA to WWE and vice versa until he retires.

    He won't be appearing in Japan anytime soon though. His Tokyo Dome match with Naito was bad in 2011.
  4. Most likely.
  5. I can see him coming back, possibly next year, BUT - based on his past, with drugs and such, I can't see it lasting long.
  6. I guess it's best for him to hang around TNA. Lighter shedule and he gets treated very well there. Plus, I don't really mind for him so I don't care, I just wish he wasn't the champ.
  7. 2013 I hope.
  8. Speaking of lighter schedule in TNA, he had 100+ overall matches this year, and the year isn't done yet, lmao.

    It's still lighter than in WWE though.

    He'll stay with TNA, I'm positive. They're heavily advertising him for Lockdown 2013.
  9. ... I still think he wont last long in the WWE. Its probably a better idea to stay with TNA like Leo said. WWE would want him on a full schedule and since he's had drug issues in the past... Well, I don't think he could use the stress.
  10. He'll retire in TNA and come back when he's all old and ragged. It's either that or he gets caught with drugs again and finally goes to jail, one of the two. Jeff Hardy will never return to WWE while he can still wrestle as he is. WWE doesn't want someone so closely associated with drugs in their company, it's bad rep.
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