Let's talk Kane/Wyatt

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. I know I wasn't the only one disappointed by this match. Not the quality or performance by either man, but the booking. Why did Kane get the better of Wyatt for literally the entire match? And then the match became about dumb and dumber trying to sneak into the ring. It seemed so cheesy for a feud that has been built up in such a badass way. I enjoyed the aftermath to the match, but the match itself just left me saying 'why the fuck are we protecting Kane so much? Can't Bray just beat him up himself?"

    Bray sort of looked like a giant pussy in his first match ever.
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  2. I agree with everything you just said.

    WWE dun f'ed up with that.
  3. Was seriously about to make this thread. The character performance after this kinda saved it, but it was still stupid.

    Aren't Harper and Rowan supposed to be mindless drones brainwashed to protect Bray at every turn? They got the last part of that right, but luring over the fireman to bring over the fire extinguisher and the pad-thing was really innovative (by wwe standards) and that doesn't suit the mindless part of their characters... Idk. Guess them bum-fucking around with the fire extinguisher saved that. But the rest of the match wasn't about protecting Kane, it was making it look like Bray only won because of the numbers game, which felt like a repeat of every heel group ever wiping away a lot of their uniqueness. Fuck sake, such outdated booking.

  4. Exactly. Bray needed to look like he was the fucking king. I am fine with the angle of the two dumbasses trying to find a way in, but they should have just failed. Bray could have got the shit beat out of him (like what was happening) but take it further. Have Kane grow more frustrated as Bray takes everything he can dish, but shows no signs of weakness or pain. Kane is irate and begins punching Bray stiff in the mouth to bust him open. Wyatt looks down at his own blood, looks up at Kane and laughs. He then starts no selling Kane's offense while laughing in his crazy way. He then jumps up and dismantles Kane for ~1 minute before hitting his finisher and pinning him 1,2,3.
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  5. Exactly they just took all credibility out of Wyatt as a wrestler he looked like a helpless jobber in his first match and that doesn't really help WWE building him like a "Monster" it was just pointless :facepalm1:.
  6. Somewhat killed the ring of fire gimmick.
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  7. Couldn't agree more, they've been promoting the hell out of Wyatt a clean victory or even him stealing one on his own would have been better. I was really looking forward to seeing Bray in the ring and was dissapointed. I watched him in NXT on YouTube and liked what I saw just not last night. Kane is old news to the point where I'd get annoyed as soon as I heard his music on RAW. Should have given Wyatt a clean win. The cram Wyatt down our throats and he can't win his first match on his own?

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  8. Harper isn't brainless from what I have made out. Wyatt has called him his general. That would imply that he is lucid. Same with how he bosses Rowan around in ring and the fact that he actually speaks in full sentences. So I can see Harper actually having some brainpower of his own despite looking like a recently awoken cantaloupe.

    The booking itself to me seems like protecting Kane so that he has some momentum going into shooting See no evil 2. For whatever good that means.
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  9. Um, yeah, that was pretty stupid. Maybe if it was someone else but it was Kane. The build was awesome, yeah, but it's still 2013 Kane and he made Bray look like a b*tch (three Chokeslams? Come on) and made it look like Wyatt can't handle anyone on his own. Bad, bad move.
  10. It's all about the sympathy card here... WWE uses it with Ricardo getting his a** whipped...Bryan being a loser.... and since Kane is everybody's favorite tool, tragedy had to befall him so people would cry like the pu**ies they are
  11. Another thing wasn't it extremely stupid to have Kane beat Punk on the Raw leading before Wrestlemamia where Punk would face Taker? It would have been a better promotion had Punk beaten Kane even if is wasn't clean. Kane is such a snoozer, can't stand him. He should just be putting guys over IMO.

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  12. IIRC Kane only beat Punk because of a distraction from Taker. A loss like that is fine, it helps build towards the match.
  13. Yeah it seemed really dumb. Got some mystique back though with 'kidnapping' him or whatever they are gonna call that. Was hugely messed up in a good way.
  14. I didnt hate the match, but i thought it was smackdown worthy. The build better be great for what happens next, as this doesnt even make me care.

    Especially with this shield deal, i think the best we might be getting out of 3mb is wyatt family putting them out of our misery. Like Kathy Bates.
  15. I wished the match got more time. I feel that they were rushing it and they told them they had a time limit. I understand they don't want Kane to look weak after a year of him kinda playing second fiddle to Daniel. But they should have thought that Bray will have the longer career unless he does drugs or something.

    The after match >>>>>>>> So epic.
  16. I wasn't really paying attention to the match honestly, but I hate that it was apparently a one sided affair. Most of all though, I hated Wyatt needing help to defeat Kane. Remember when Mankind came in and defeated Undertaker cleanly in his first ever PPV match? The same should have happened here. Mankind beating Taker was a much bigger deal than this considering Undertaker had only lost cleanly once by pin fall in his entire career at that point (a roll up by Hulk Hogan in '91, and even that was on a house show so it almost didn't matter) whereas Kane at this point has already jobbed plenty to heels cleanly in the past, so he shouldn't need three men to put him down.

    I also hated Rowan and Harper finding a way to get past the flames. I hate it when they make stipulations pointless like this, it's like when people manage to find a way into the ring during a steel cage or hell in a cell match to help out someone.
  17. They should just absorb Kane into their ranks and have the Taker come back and do a run where he is trying to get his brother away from them. One dark entity vs another. That would be cool.

    Speaking of Bray, did anyone notice he seemed to have a really hard time applying his finisher on RAW this week? A botch maybe? Or was he supposed to look like he was dancing with the guy for a minute first?
  18. Yeah, he was supposed to look like he was dancing for a minute.
  19. Oh ok, I wasn't sure
  20. It looks a lot better on more nimble guys, like R Truth on Raw made it look much better than Kane did.
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