Let's talk people who coulda and shoulda

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  1. [​IMG] People, let's talk gimmicks/wrestlers that shoulda lasted longer, that you all enjoyed. For me, I was pretty into Mordecai. I really didn't see why he was there such a short time. I really think the guy coulda been WHC if they kept him on the right track. That guy was the shit. Another is definitely Steve Blackman. The guy was straight up a bad ass bro. I truly did believe he could fuck up anybody set in front of him. Lastly, of course, it's The Boogeyman. Sure, I didn't see him going past the midcard, but hey, he made for some interesting tv. [​IMG]
  2. Brayden Walker, obviously.
  3. Is...is this a joke bromandude
  4. Disco Inferno 4ever.
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  5. Nobody probably remembers or ever saw Bull Buchanan (he was in the company from 2000-2003) but he was a guy who I felt could have been a bigger deal if he had more charisma and personality. He had the look, size and ring work all down. All he needed was a personality transplant and he could have been a star. For a guy his size, his ring work was excellent. He was a good brawler and a good power wrestler, but he would also use the scissor kick and do a flying leg drop from the top rope (both which looked impressive for a guy as tall as him) and he could also run and do a vertical jump straight to the top rope (without needing to climb the turnbuckles first), which he would then turn into a springboard clothesline.

    Watch some of his stuff from 2000 to see what I'm talking about.
  6. Yeah he was a tag team champ, we were actually talking about RTC in another thread. He just didn't have the look, or maybe the opportunity to go face. He was an awesome in ring presence, and (you already know i'm watching that time in the line) really could have been a lot better off probably being in a few years earlier. He could have been an upper mid-carder IMO for sure. Before Goodfather and Val's turn, Bull was the one who made RTC legit, and probably why they got to stick around, as Steven Richards was injured quite a bit over the first few months (or at least didnt have any matches himself)
  7. It actually slipped my mind that he was part of Right To Censor (which was an awesome stable that made good use of Steven Richards, who was always a prime example of a good talent who just needed the right gimmick to get over.) He did make a good muscle for the group. A shame he ended up being saddled with becoming B-2, a bodyguard for Cena who had to dress up similarly and was made to look like a fool.
  8. I'm not quite into 2001, and I cannot remember a single match Steven Richards has been in. I'm not taking anything away from him, just stating that he has been a mouthpiece so far.
  9. He was in a few tag team matches on PPV if I recall. Summerslam definitely comes to mind as I just re-watched it the other week.
  10. Mark Jindrak. He was considered for Batista's spot so had they gone through with it who knows what could have been. He's a big deal in Mexico now instead.
  11. I wanted to see where the Devil's Advocate gimmick Sean O'Haire was starting to go with. I was really disappointed when it never went forward.
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