Let's talk Undertaker, HHH and HBK.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. What do you think will happen? The latest promo from Undertaker with his hair being chopped off makes me think of perhaps an American Badass return? So HHH will see it as a fresh Undertaker and will then accept the challenge (if that's the case it once again buries Taker, I hate :shovel:)

    HBK demanding HHH to face Undertaker doesn't make sense in my opinion. HBK was obsessed and bitter when he lost to Undertaker, so why would he want someone else to face him and beat him? I'm thinking HBK will become the special guest referee, if so I'm calling HBK costing HHH the streak at WM, which will completely devalue the streak but we're not surprised by :shovel: any more.

    Post yours.
  2. I semi-agree.
    I don't think the American Bad-ass will return, but I do feel now HHH will accept the challenge because Undertaker has 'freshened himself up' so to speak.
  3. HHH and HBK vs Taker and Nash?

    Lol i know thats not going to happen.
  4. I'd be sick if that happened.
  5. HHH could go to hell, this year he's going to screw up the streak, making it feel like this win won't be as great JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.....and then he will put the same storyline on repeat next year, and the next, AND THE NEXT!!!!

    HBK or not the storyline still sucks dick.

    The only thing I'm looking forward to is hearing this song next week on Raw during a :shovel: segment:

  6. One of the best themes in history!! :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I dislike the current direction. I just can't buy The Underwig as an underdog here, no fucking way. Yes, Triple H was the last man standing ultimately, but now they are burying Taker's mojo and coolness with the "I watch that match every day" bullshit. Hopefully the wind of change will blow with HBK thrown in the mix. Hell in a Cell between Taker and Trips simply needs to happen on Mania. Hell, I might order Mania for the first time since 2005 because of HIAC.
  8. HIAC sure, :shovel: - nooo
  9. If HBK superkicks Taker it will de-value HBK's character forever... it would justify 90's HBK all over again... deserved or not

    Years from now, a HHH win just be sappy.... like it wasn't deserved..."There wasn't anybody else willing to break it."

    It would be easier to sh*t on his career if he won. Marrying Steph, was one thing... I think he'd lose respect for this one

    Guys like Austin won't be appearing as frequently under Trips... but if this happened.... HHH doesn't even need this win
  10. If this year's match ends up being a HIAC, I'm going to love it because it's triple h and undertaker. They both know how to create a great match inside it and they broke many PG rules last year(chairshot to the head) so you could actually look forward to it.

    Either way Triple H is a :shovel: and a dickwad. He's a bully who abuses his backstage political power and I respect his dues but dude, move on and stop trying to ruin future careers by making you're career even more grand even though you can barely move now.
  11. I definitely don't think 'American Bad Ass' is returning. It's too late in Taker's career to go back to that character, especially given that it's highly probable that this will actually be Taker's last match.

    One could argue that since the ABA is a 'more human' character, that maybe Taker wants to go out like that. But it's better for him to retire with the character he is most known for, the Dead Man/Phenom. I am a bit disappointed that he can't even be bothered growing out his hair just for this match, though. It's gonna be weird to see him wrestle bald lol.

    I don't know what Michael's involvement will continue to be on Raw, but if he ends up a special guest referee, then I fear for Taker's streak. Not because he'll cost Taker the match or anything, but because it makes me think that this is their way of bringing Taker/HBK's feud from a couple of years ago full circle - Michaels desperately wanted to end the streak but failed and had to retire as a result, but later on he does get to count the actual pinfall when someone else (his best friend of all people, Triple H) does end the streak.

    Perhaps I'm just over thinking it. I hope so.
  12. Nice post, but do you think he can possibly keep his deadman gimmick with no hair? I know it sounds stupid but it does kind of ruin the euphoria. I'm still not ruling out an ABA return.

    I agree with Michaels being the special guest referee nothing good can really happen. I mean he can be used to screw Taker or screw HHH right? I doubt he's just going to be there to pin and then leave. If he screws Taker, ending the streak with a screwjob is pathetic, so I doubt that happens. If he screws HHH, that means Taker wins not clean, which again ruins the streak even more than HHH has in recent months.
  13. I dunno, I think being bald might make him look more 'evil' in some sort of way. And I agree that either way, Michaels screwing someone (Triple H or Taker) would be stupid. That's why I doubt Michaels will be the special referee. Most likely, he'll talk Triple H into accepting the match and maybe even be at ringside during the match (or even doing color commentary?) but I don't think he'll be the ref.
  14. Who knows, it's been reported by dirt sheets for months now that that'll be the case and they've been spot on thus far with HHH vs Taker part III.

    Only other they could do with him being the ref is something like "He's pushed HHH into this match and is demanding HHH to break the streak" and then have him torn whether to count HHH out when Taker goes for the pin, then eventually doing so. Something stupid like that might make it watchable.
  15. Taker completely shaven would make him look even older, actually.... like ancient

    If you like Taker's hair do at WM 20. then so be it

    Personally, I believe this could be an whole new persona entirely
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