Kayfabe Letters of the day

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  1. *Camera pans to The Webmaster sitting on his newly-built throne replacing Ben Song's in the middle of the meeting hall*
    The Webmaster: Disciples, today I have a couple letters that will help us in today's meeting. Those letters are T and H, T is for traitor and turncoat which perfectly describes the waste of space and piece of filth that it Ben Song. Who now has completely turned his back on you disciples even deciding to join up with the fans, the one group of people he told me he didn't want anything to do with, how does he think he has any chance of getting away with such treachery? While Reaper and I are out and ready to spring an assault he shouldn't be confident walking in the street, never mind fighting me in the ring.
    *The Webmaster stands up and begins to crack a smile before he begins to speak again*
    The Webmaster: Now we will move on to the letter H and all of it's meanings. You all know by now of the wrestler here in Exodus who goes by the name of H, but do you all know what H stands for above all else? No? well I believe it stands for has-been which is what The Amazing H is going to be when I'm done with him. So Des might as well find someone else to fight because I don't think H is gonna be medically cleared after our match is finished.
    *Camera fades to black as The Webmaster begins to laugh maniacally and is soon followed by the rest of the Disciples*
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