Levein leaves Scotland

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  1. Gordan Strachan favourite to get the job, if so @[R'Albin] I will pray for you, Scotland need to stop sacking all their managers, that won't sort the problem, yes Levein wasn't doing great but what do the SFA honestly expect, no offense R'Alb but Scotland are never going to be a top National team.

    What do you think about it all R'Albin?
  2. Sacking Craig was the best thing. Yes they need to stop firing managers but they need to hire someone competent. Craig's decision making was horrendous at times.
  3. I agree sacking him was the right call but he shouldn't have been hired in the first place, just firing manager after manager isn't going to do anything but concern the players, Scotland are under performing but honestly where do they expect to be, their youth isn't what it used to be and honestly how many top Scottish players is there in the BPL currently? They are on a downward spiral anyway but getting rid of their manager every other week is just making matters worse, they need to bring in someone who has a proven international record and give him time as otherwise they will just have the same problems, no manager can change things overnight, they need time. Unfortunately the same is happening with England I fear.
  4. Agreed. To stop firing they need to actually hire someone decent. Gordon is going to be a horrific replacement and he will be fired as well. Give it to someone like Martin O'Neil or someone else with at least a proven track record, and then give him all the faith he needs. They need a complete change in philosophy though, their attempts of just being "solid" are never going to work against the bigger teams. They need to go down the route of like Ukraine, just change your philosophy completely. Being "organised" can only get you so far.

    Wales went on a great streak under Gary Speed (RIP), and he changed their philosophy.
  5. Completely agree, just look at the likes of Sunderland currently who try not to concede rather than try to win, and look where it has got them, you can't just be defensively tight if you plan to get something against teams that will come at you and press for the full 90 minutes. Believe me, from Strachan's time at 'Boro there is no way he will be the one to turn things around, he employs the exact same tactics that Levein did, so how will that work? Martin O'Neill is a a great shout for them like you said, despite current things at Sunderland he has a record of turning things around and brought Villa the closest they will be to the Champions league in the next 15 years imo, he has that record that Scotland need, it's alright taking risks with managers at club level but for an International manager, you have to employ someone you KNOW is capable of doing the job effectively.
  6. Levein's a complete fucking idiot, I'd honestly have my 5 year old sister in charge if it meant getting rid of that jakey Hearts loving prick.

    Our pool of players aren't exactly world beaters but they are and have been under achieving for a number of years. You just have to look back a few years back in the days of Walter Smith and The Ginger Judas Prick (Alex McLeish), where we were picking up some great results and we actually looked like a decent side who could at least make it to the World cup qualifying stages. I believe that under those two we could easily have qualified this year, they achieved much more with shitter squads in much tougher groups.

    At the moment I have no idea who I want in, one of the two mentioned would be nice, however what I do know is I will prefer the new man who comes in. I've always fucking hated that speccy Hearts **** and I hope he fails wherever he goes - even if it's Hibs.
  7. Agreed, under Walter Smith especially I though Scotland looked pretty strong and when we played you I thought it would be a close game rather than currently Scotland look a train wreck tbh, I agree you have a couple of great players and then a few secure Premiership players but they lack strength in depth imo, although not sure it is for me to judge as I only really watch Scotland if England isn't on when they play so maybe I am not the best person to be giving an opinion but from what I've seen it looks like it's getting to the point where it will be extremely hard to turn anything around no matter who they bring in.
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