Lewandowski to United!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Called that shit.
  2. What's this mean for Chicharito :sad:
  3. Nothing bad really. Rooney is #10, so we'd have Chicha, Welback and Lewan. Chicha is our ole gunner solsjier, I'll never know how to spell that name.
  4. Man U will probably play 60 + games this season so having strength in depth is needed, plus he'll just take Berba's spot.
  5. I know they don't play the same position, but this makes Clint look a little bit less likely, no?
  6. Wasn't Clint being linked to play in the middle of the park anyway?
  7. Not at all. United are in complete transition. The team we finished joint first with (STFU NOT SECOND) was a 4th place-5th place squad imo. Sir Alex said he wants to build a completely new team and succeed before he leaves. Kagawa, Dempsey, Lewan sounds perfect to me <3.

    Yup. Our midfield even with Kagawa is still sucky in depth.
  8. With the Kagawa signing I just don't want you all to sign Clint and see him winding up starting 10 games or something lame like that.
  9. You think we'd start the 4th top scorer in the PL last season and the top scoring midfielder in England on the bench? OUR MIDFIELD?

    The midfield would be Clint and Kagawa.
  10. I hope so. The thought of Clint starting 30+ games for Man U gets me slightly hard
  11. Same. So much same. We haven't had a goal scoring CM since Scholes in his prime.
  12. I hope it happens. I'm a big fanboy for Nani and Chicharito, and I like guys like Ashley Young, Rooney, and Evra as well.

    Dempsey would put them over the top
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  13. I fucking love you. You mark for who I mark for. What about Valencia though? Best RM in the world on his day imo.
  14. Forgot about Valencia. He is definitely a stud, I look forward to seeing him play more next season as he sort of came out of nowhere last season.
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  15. Definitely. Liking all these posts here.
  16. Oh well, that's everybody else taken my fantasy player now :emoji_slight_frown:

    He could be a very good signing for Man Utd though.
  17. Bullshit. Borussia is not going to sell everyone again.
  18. So the Borussia coach lied?
  19. Byebye Berbadov.
  20. Thank god.
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