News Lex Luthor and Alfred casted for the Batman/Superman movie in 2016.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Well two more big roles casted for this movie...

    Lex Luthor will be played by Jesse Eisenberg,
    you may know him from movies like 30 minutes or less, Social Network, Adventureland, Zombieland, Now You See Mee, much more etc...

    and then Alfred will be played by Jeremy Irons,
    you may know him from man in the iron mask, The Borgias (series), Scar in the Lion King and many others.

    Not too sure about Eisenberg playing Luthor.. Seems they went way off the size characteristics but he's a solid actor so I'm sure he'll be okay. Irons will be a great Alfred, he's got the look and can play the part well, he's got a pretty wide range of emotions.
  2. Scar was a fucking beast. Only Mufasa is the better lion, Simba cones close, but Scar was the one of the best top heels ever.
  3. Eisenberg?!?! :facepalm: between him and Affleck this is shaping up to be Schumaker Batman level of quality.
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  4. Eisenberg might be strange, but could work out. Either way it's a batman/superman movie and I'm excited.
  5. Jeremy Irons is awesome. Idk about Eisenberg, though. Seems strange.
  6. It's actually not too bad for Eisenberg actually, I didn't realize he was the same age as Cavill, that's really accurate because Lex is supposed to look the same age.. And Lex is a pretty smart guy and Eisenberg gives off that vibe.
    Also I think The Town and Argo showed that Affleck has an emotional range now as opposed to Daredevil so it could be a pretty solid flick.
  7. No Caine?
  8. Well they asked him, but when he found out Affleck was batman this was his reaction:

  9. Affleck is sexy doe.
  10. Michael Caine said he would come back and be Alfred anytime, but if you look at Jeremy Irons, he's got a vintage comic Alfred look to him, I think they wanted to stray\ away from the recent trilogy actorwise.
  11. Caine > all.
  12. [​IMG]

    Jesse Eisenberg could never look even similar to this guy in a million years.
  13. Prlly going more off an earlier Lex Luthor like this

  14. I'll watch it. I think Eisenberg can pull it off. As long as he deepens his voice. He's a pretty good actor.
  15. This movie is going to either be very good or completely blow.
  16. Movie sounds trash
  17. Thanks #BritaMeltzer
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  18. Let's not be hasty, Jesse should be >>>>> Kevin Spacey's Luthor.
    The origin of the two says they met when Lex looked about the same age as Clark Kent around late 20s early 30s. Both Cavill and Eisenberg are 30 years old so that part works.. Also with the way the costumes/CG was done in the first one, I'm almost positive they will be able to turn him into a legit Lex Luthor.
    Eisenberg has always played an intellectual, hipster, kinda douchebag in his movies.. That kind of character genre can easily be translated into an Evil Genius, especially after Now You See Me.. Honestly after sitting on the news for a day, I think this was best for business even though Bryan Cranston would've made a NASTY Lex but they most likely had to stick to the budget and go with Eisenberg instead of Heisenberg.. And I would NOT be surprised one bit if his performance overshadows Affleck's Batman.
  19. Well, I couldn't care less about Lex Luther or any Superman character in general so I really don't care who is casted in those roles. Only familiar with Irons as Scar so I really don't have any basis for judging this casting decision but he was awesome as Scar so I'll just go ahead and hope he'll be awesome as Alfred.
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