Liam Payne vs Kurt Angle

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  1. Didn't know if I should've posted this here or in the TNA section, but here it is. This is a shame in my opinion. I admit Angle isn't what he used to be in the ring, but come on... It took Liam about 2 minutes to defeat Angle with two or three moves... Come on... TNA shouldn't have allowed Angle to do this imo. Hope 1D paid them well...

    Well, here's the match, comment below your reactions.

  2. Of course Angle wasn't gonna pull out any somewhat-harmful wrestling moves,the person who he fought against has zero in ring experience and he probably wouldn't be able to take a bump of any sort.
    Also,this was purely entertainment for that charity function they were doing. It's nothing really meaningful in the world of wrestling.
  3. I know, and I know he couldn't have used all his in-ring experience against him, but come on... I know Liam was bound to win, but I didn't like how he did win... Two good moves and done... Really pissed me off. No dropkicks, no more than two locks... They could've done it better...
  4. I know it's for a charity, and will do nothing to him as stated above. But still, seeing Kurt Angle lose to someone from One Direction just makes me die a little.
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  5. Had to mute 3 minutes in because it was so bad. Can care less, 1D didn't do this. [​IMG]
  6. So glad it took googling after reading to realize what that kid was from.

    ...I thought the rule was Angle Wins?
  7. Angle losing this "match" is wrong decision, but whatever, at least TNA got promoted.
  8. Just, why Angle? I can't take Angle as serious as I used to. Shame on you Kurt.
  9. Angle couldn't handle the Payne Train.
  10. TNA jobs to One Direction now LMFAO
  11. It was a joke player
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  12. lol defensive Test is defensive
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  13. In all fairness, the 1D dude wrestled well.
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  14. Wait, what?!
  15. ^^^^
  16. Trolls everyone, man.
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