liberals bruh

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Apr 6, 2016.

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  1. I've always identified with liberals, but they are some stupid mofos.

    I was reading about women wanting equal rights via being able to walk around naked. Seeing a naked woman in the bedroom, sure. However, I don't want to see ANYBODY without their clothes on in public. It's so retarded. Holy fuck, you give these people some rights and they do this shit.

    thank you fuck you bye.
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  2. I should have the right to shoot everyone in the face.
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  3. Then look away.
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  4. I would rather look where ever I want without needing to see a naked person. How about they strip all they want in their houses (men and women alike) and just leave their clothes on when their outside? Is that really too much to ask for, lol.
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  5. I hate the fact that we consider ourselves above animals yet resort to idiotic groups and force others to "choose a side". You want to know why so many people live so divided and opinionated with hate speeches and actions? That is why. Animals are smart enough to work together.. Not us "genius" humans.
  6. What you talking about, Willis? :willis:
  7. See that box your in? I welcome you to come outside it. :austin2:
  8. Did you even read the OP? It seems your arguing the title more than what the thread is actually about, lol. So how about you open your eyes, read that sum bitch and shove it straight up your not-so candy ass:rock3:
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  9. I was saying as a whole people who consider themselves part of any group, be it religion or politics will always resort to something stupid in the name of nothing. I can relate to a lot of groups but I won't be in one single box. It just leaves more room for hate. We have enough of that crap in this world. So you saying you consider yourself to be something mostly but seeing the idiot parts of being a part of a group is normal. Most people will always want more and groups will enforce them to continue to want more even if it sounds stupid as heck to the majority.

    TLDR - People in major groups act retarded sometimes, it happens. Ignore it.
  10. And this is an example of why I prefer to stay home. lol
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  11. The only reason I said I identify with being liberal is because I see myself on that spectrum. I believe in the things that are seen as being liberal. To an extent, I don't want naked people and I don't want free drugs for the sake of fuck all. I, in no way, care or give a shit about anyone else that thinks they're liberal. The only thing that ties me into a group is a religion. And I rarely socialize with anyone that's of the same religion as me, so I can't even support the group argument about that. I believe in it, what it says and think it's a good moral compass - other than that it's just that. I don't think it's some gang that's better than the others and that we're superior humans.
  12. I wasn't targeting you, just stating most people who claim a group say and do stupid things, just ignore it. Some people just enjoy making others feel uncomfortable.
  13. I know. i just felt that I had to lash out the inner liberal in me and prove that I'm a superior human. :nakamura:
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  14. That'da boy! :psycho:
  15. That's not even English. BOOM #BetterHuman
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  16. How would that be equal rights? As a card carrying hot dog I can't wander around tackle out yet some woman can? Fuck it no clothes for anyone.
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  17. It is funny cause a lot of States already allow women to be topless you know. How many of them do you see or hear of?
  18. I'm down for letting women go topless tho
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  19. You realize most of the women that would be doing this would be... never mind. Not going down this road. :nope:
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  20. Your mom. :pipebomb: !!!
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