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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Post three "facts" about you in your post and one of them has to be a lie. It's better if the facts are hard-to-believe so it makes the lie blend in more, instead of having it like "I'm a boy, I have hair and I have the biggest boobs in the world".

    I'll start.

    I'm allergic to bee stings
    I was the best tennis player in Cornwall (for my age group) for 2 years
    I'm 6 feet 4 inches tall

    Guess the lie and attach your own 3 facts.
  2. I used to play in a band
    I was the fifth fastest cross country skier in my state for a year
    I played guitar
  3. Forgot to add the "Guess the lie and then attach your own 3 facts underneath" bit.

    Your 2nd one is the lie.
  4. Do we have to guess? If so my one's are...






    I once masturbated in school
    One season I went to every Hibs league game
    I got banned from a Chinese 6 months ago

  5. You were right with mine :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Urm I'm saying #1 is false but I highly doubt it lmfao
  6. I never knew #2 was a fact, but I know you're not 6ft 4, that's Xanth lol.

    Oh and wrong, #2 is false :otunga:
  7. Crayo and Lacky we're both wrong on mine.

    I did use to play in a band and I was the fifth fastest cross country skier in my state. I played bass in the band though.
  8. Well that's the most pathetic lie ever. I consider bass a guitar.
  9. Me no Lacky!

    And Bass is technically a guitar though? :sad:
  10. Depends really. In Sweden bass is classed as a "string instrument". Lie would also have worked since I shared vocal duties in the band as well. I could have just said I sang
  11. Lol Stopspot, that's such a lame lie for this game -.-.

    Anyway three more:

    I've had two bites of a pube sandwich with ham
    I got expelled from secondary school
    I've had sex on the school field
  12. I honestly think it's number 2 which is a lie :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I once phoned a random girl in my year when I was drunk and left a message on her phone saying I wanted her to come out so I could give her anal in a bush.

    I once peed in the girl's toilets

    Also got expelled from secondary school
  13. 1. Chris Jericho stood on my hand
    2. Chris Jericho threw my drink into the crowd
    3. Chris Jericho winked at my girlfriend
  14. Nope it's actually #3, I've never had sex on a school field :emoji_slight_frown:

    Gonna say #3 is a lie as I can totally imagine you doing #1 and #2. Either way you're a scum bag lmfao.

    3 - lie

    Else she'd have left you by now and started stalking Jericho.
  15. INCORRECT. He winked at her...and looked her up and down... -.- 2 is the lie. He stood on my hand as it was on the speaker (Front row of the Fozzy gig)
  16. #3 Accailer

    I'm surprised you haven't, you seem to have done everything else with the wimmen. What did you get excluded for by the way?

    And correct, they smelt really nice. Oh and I forgot to add, she played it in front of her entire class and all my mates :emoji_slight_frown:

    Let me think of more things I have done :hmm:
  17. Who am I guessing for?
  18. Lol I was expelled at 15 so there was not really a way to have it done on the school field :lol1:

    And for "constant misbehaviour", but the kicker was when my friend Andrew came into class high on Cocaine and sprayed his jumper with tons of deodorant because he wanted to hide the cannabis smell (none of us used cocaine, only him), but I was also high and forgot that putting fire on deodorant = flammable and his whole jumper caught on fire in the middle of class.

    The even funnier thing was Andrew was like "Oh, urm, I'm on fire :emoji_slight_frown:. I better just put my hands on it and put it out" and started patting his flaming jumper, it was fucking hilarious. He was giggling the whole time.

    But yeah that's why I was eventually given the boot.
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  19. 1- I had sex on the stage of my high school theatre.... With about 80 people in the theatre. (teenage years)

    2- I had a severely botched vasectomy.
    (adult years) that night the area was the size of a softball and you would have sworn I was a black man! It also came with a second surgery that had to happen, because one testicle was double the size of the other and it felt like I was being stabbed every time I say down or stood up! On top of that, I was allergic to the sutures from the second surgery.... It basically looked like I had a vagina on my scrotum!

    3- I once faced 110 shots in a 60 minute straight running time ball hockey game. (adult years) to this day it is a record in the league. We lost the game 14-5 we did not succumb to the 10 goal mercy rule.
  20. Woah that's some badass shit Crayo lmao. Actually loled at the fire thing, why did you set him on fire? Did the school find out about your drugs use then I take it?

    That's so much win though anyway, liked.
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