Lies parents tell kids.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Aug 9, 2014.

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  1. Post the lies that you as parents tell kids, or you yourselves were told.

    One of my faves my old man told me was, that the flashing lights in skies at night(planes). He told me they were Santa's Elves making sure I behaved through the year.
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  2. 'You can do anything you put your mind to.'
    If that were true, we'd each have jobs working the hours we choose.
  3. Santa Claus is real.

    (Oh Damn.. hope noone here still thinks it's true lol)
  4. Santa Claus is a pu**y anyways. If he really had a pair, he wouldn't tip toe around hoping he wouldn't be caught. lolololol. What a bi***.
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  5. The main thing is religion. They have to get to kids while they are young to brainwash them, before they gain the ability to think for themselves.
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  6. What the man above said.
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  7. My Grandmother told me if i didn't get to bed by a certain time the,sandman would be upset
  8. My boyfriend told me about when he was a little kid, his grandma would babysit for him and if she didn't want him to do something she'd tell him if he did whatever it was, that ghosts would come get him.
    It started when he wanted to go play in the woods behind their house and she didn't want him to, but because it worked so well she used it against him for every little thing.
  9. Not so much my parents, but whenever my older brother babysat me. He would tell me that Vegemite was secretly kangaroo poo.

    What's Vegemite? (open)
  10. When one of my parents said 'I'd die to save you', that was a lie
  11. Yeah before I knew about sex ed my dad convinced me that you only got so many goes at sex before you ran out of sperm.
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