Kayfabe Lies.

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Ellis Sullivan

The Artiste

Ellis Klein's music hits, the crowd begin to boo as they await his arrival, the Intercontinental Champion does not appear. The crowd begin to mutter between themselves.


The crowd immediately turn around to one of the doors on the second tier of the arena, standing there is Ellis Klein, the crowd seemed shocked with Ellis' appearance, he is wearing dark ripped jeans, his 'Resilient, Unstoppable, Victorious' t-shirt, but unlike the usual white base with black writing, the colour of the shirt Ellis is wearing is inverted, causing a darker effect. Wrapped around Ellis' waist is the Intercontinental Championship; only the main plate of the championship is visible as Ellis' long sleeved denim jacket has covered the rest of the title.

All of you, do it. Stir up shit that doesn't exist.

Ellis stares at the titantron, an image shows on the titantron.

Why do people do that? Make things up to ruin other peoples life? Try and cause misery?

The crowd begin to show sympathy towards Ellis, some people begin to chant Ellis' name but it is quickly cut off by Ellis.

It was you! All of you! You causes this, yes you!

The frustration on Ellis' face is clearly visible.

I thought you respected me, thought you loved me, you were like my second family, but each and every one of you disobeyed me, all of you!

Ellis begins to read from the titantron

''Exodus Intercontinental Champion Ellis Klein supposedly fails drug test.' How? I never took anything, why would you make that shit up? Drugs, professional wrestlings enemy, I thought I was Exodus' hero, the person that battled the bad and brought good messages through. Yet, all of you changed the worlds perspective of me, I've gone from 'The Superhero' to 'The Public Enemy' in the space of one stupid internet report! How is that fair? One lonely, messed up nerd has changed all of you once good people into such vile, pathetic creatures that want to cause grief to such a great man like me.

The crowd are still stunned with Ellis' actions and words, a few fans begin to chant 'it is true, your an addict.'

Addict, huh, the only addiction I have is wrestling. Yours may be burgers and fries or watching porn twenty four seven which is most probably true, but mine is a real addiction, fighting and winning. That's what I'm good at, I don't need drugs to help me win, winning is in my blood and it is what I do. I don't need drugs to make me stronger, I don't need need drugs to make me unbeatable, I don't need drugs to make me the damn greatest Intercontinental champion in the history of Professional Wrestling history! Because, quite frankly, that's what I do.

The crowd still remain silent while Ellis is speaking, Ellis points at the ring

That ring is my home, it's where I live and it's my pride and passion. I thought the people surrounding myself and my home were my family, those people brutally betrayed me for no reason. And now, those people are my deepest enemies whom should feel stupid and regret their actions because one day I will prove them all wrong and show them that I am the greatest wrestler that has ever lived. Those people, were you, those people were the Exodus universe.

The crowd now begin to boo Ellis

Boo all you want, I still have this *Ellis points to the title* and I have no plans to give it up, wether it means I have to beat JJ Colton at Jail House or beat The Amazing H and his pathetic K.O.W friends at The Mega Show. I will remain victorious, trust me.
Ah, Hamlet, I have a bone to pick with him and his stupid crew. Hamlet, reports suggest you caused this rumour, but I'm not sure what to believe anymore, if I found out it was your FacePainted ass I will personally break your skull in half with the Skull Penetrator.
And for JJ, if you have the guts to show up this time you can join the broken skull club if you want, I might even chuck in an extra 'End Of The Road' in as well. Well that's all I have to say, all of you better take a leaf out of your Intercontinental Champion's book, don't lie or make up shit because you'll end up like JJ Colton this Saturday, destroyed.

Ellis walks back out the door on the second tier of the arena.
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