Life of Randy Orton (Past and Present)

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  1. Randy Orton doesn't have many interests. Other than listening to Metallica or Pantera and watching the occasional movie, wrestling is his life…or, as he would tell you, his destiny.

    It's easy to understand why. His father is WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton, his uncle Barry "Barry O" Orton, and his grandfather "The Big O," the late Bob Orton, Sr. Most kids remember their first ball game or school play; Randy's childhood memories include sitting in the kitchen of his family's St. Louis home with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, and repairing a broken banister leaned on by Andre the Giant. He wasn't even five years old when he watched his father knock out "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff in the main event at the inaugural WrestleMania, but he already knew he wanted to be a WWE Superstar.


    Randy's parents tried dissuading him; his father even warned that life in the ring meant a life on the road, away from family. Yet Randy, seeing how his friends perceived his world-traveling dad in "a different light," recalls only thinking the prospect was "quite appealing, and something I wanted to do."

    Still, he agreed to try other avenues first. After graduating Hazelwood Central High School in 1998 (where he was an accomplished amateur wrestler), Orton enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His plan was to serve a four-year tour of duty, then focus on a wrestling career; his reality was a dishonorable discharge one year later, due to unauthorized absences on two occasions (one for 82 days) and for disobeying a superior officer's direct order. After spending 38 days in the brig of Camp Pendleton Base, he would resume his civilian life…and to pursuing his destiny.


    Back home in St. Louis, Orton accompanied his father backstage at a local WWE live event in late 1999. He left the show with an opportunity to try out in Stamford, which soon resulted in a developmental deal to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Orton quickly rose through OVW's ranks, and in April 2002, he officially made his WWE debut.

    And once he was given that opportunity, he never looked back. Whether as a standout member of elite factions such as Evolution, Rated-RKO and The Legacy, taking on a barrage of WWE legends or capturing multiple World Championships, Orton has not only lived up to his birthright, he has surpassed it.

    The WWE Universe has called Randy Orton by many names over the years: The Legend Killer; WWE's Apex Predator and The Viper to name a few. But, what they can never deny calling him is one of the greatest Superstars in the squared circle today. But, that's no surprise; it's simply in his blood.

  2. I wish they'd kept his ass in military prison for the rest of his days. Scumbag
  3. #Heel.

    Seriously though I'm glad Randy has served his time and is a more mature person. I get some people will be upset he left his regiment but he's had his punishment.
  4. You hurt my feelings Dolph :upset:

    I swear, I will end up :bury: you soon enough..
  5. :shovel:
  6. :bury:

    Hey look read it backwards, it's like this past summer.
  7. Triple H buried?
  8. HHH buried CM Punk.
  9. More like CM Punk buried HHH with his mic skills.. lol
  10. More like HHH buried CM Punk's momentum because he is an empowered spotlight whore
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  11. Yeah I got the Viper DVD now to download Austin and the Rock's DVD.
  12. I find it amusing he got such a massive pop at the Tribute to The Troops last December
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  13. Liked.

  14. Gotta love good ol fashion iron knee
  15. How many "troops" actually knew that he served in the marines?
  16. Probably most of them, it's not exactly hidden knowledge is it?
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